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Jan 13, 2008
My husband was diagnosed w/ ALS Oct of 2007. He is unable to walk, or feed him self any longer. We are still waiting on his wheel chair, and are borrowing one until then. We do not have a van yet as we are waiting on his chair, and not sure we can afford one.

My husband is trying the Lithium treatment and has been for a little over a month now. During this treatment there has to be blood work taken to test for his lithium levels. It is almost impossible for me to get him to the dr's office or our local hospital to get his blood work completed now. I emailed his ALS clinic in Indianapolis and asked if a home health nurse could come to our home and take the blood for him. They said they would have to check into this and would get back to me. I was wondering is what I asked for an unusual request? :confused:
does ur husband have ins., the doc can request home health
We have blue cross too... We got setup with a "homecare" agency and had nurses come to the house to do bloodwork, cumadin (sp?) checks, IVIG, etc... Check with your health ins. We were allowed 60 visits per year. hope that helps.
ALS immediate help, pls

I am looking for someone that can help me. Instead of hiring a van and getting someone to help me lift this 85 year old gentleman, is there someone in Southern California that can help come to the house in irvine and take his blood and EJG on a daily basis. We can pay for help. Thank you.:?:?:-|
Hi alexbob. Welcome. Have you called your local MDA/ALSA. They should know who could help you out.
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