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Jun 27, 2006
I miss going on holidays with my mum. She is so limited as to where she can go now...that upsets me the most. We used to go camping all the time. There are some places she can go, but she kind of doesn't want to cause it is so much work for her and she wouldn't be as comfortable as she is at home with her raised toilet seat and stuff.
I just want her to live life to the fullest in her end years and not be cooped up at home all the time.
Any ideas on what we can do for holidays? We are in Edmonton, Alberta. Any ideas on how I can convince her to go on holidays with me? I want to reassure her it will work out and that it will be worth all the effort.

Hi supergirl. If you do a little research there are hotels with handicapped facilities in some of the guest rooms. Most large chains have websites that can help. I was on a cruise a year or so ago and there were a couple of people in wheelchairs there. I talked to them but didn't ask about facilities as it wasn't an issue with me then. (Would be now) We were on a Carnival ship. Once again a good travel agent or the website might point you in the right direction. The airlines are really god with people travelling with wheelchairs if she needs to use one. Once again a good travel agent is a god send. Ask your friends for a recommendation. AL.
disability travel website

I want to take Mom on a real vacation to Greece or somewhere she has always dreamed of visitng, but would never go.
Is there a webiste of some company who organizes international disability travelling?
you may wish to join this discussion;f=3;t=017065#000005

this group has a many resources of travelers..use the search function to see prior posts as with this site

personally i like my home more than traveling and would love a person to actually cook here (THE company and great smell of the prep rather then ....bring food in and leave. I DO LOVE MY CARE GROUP but nothing beats onion,garlic and baking smells that linger for the hours before and after a get together)
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