Hi there, dear friends!

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Jul 14, 2007
Yes, I am still here, and I am alright! My computer wasn't----for a while! Man, I have a lot of reading to do. I just got my computer back! It went crazy overnight! My son took it to the guy that works on his computers, and had it fixed for me. Boy, I felt so lost. It was awful not being able to hear from my friends! Hope all is well. I am getting off the computer for a while, but will be back to follow up! God bless you all!

I was wondering about you, so glad you are back.. Sure get those computer issues. My good one is now Blue screened, and my bad one has become my good one. LOL..
We missed your kind words and encouragement, you were missed trust me..
Hi there, hoping! Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the delay in replying, but I just checked "in and out!" I wasn't quite sure if I was still enrolled because of the gap! I guess I'm still a member! Anywayzzzz, thanks for replying! God bless you friend!

irma, im having problems with my computer too. it keeps turning off on me. my son says i need a new one, but cannt afford one at this time. so if u guys dont find me posting it will b cuz my computer died on me. i will b lost without it. :(
Hi cukita, I know exactly what you mean by "not being able to afford one." My son, Shannon is a God Sent! He is such a sweetheart. He has a family to take care of, and he makes room for us old folks! I only had 2 children, one is gone, and the one that is still here with us is an angel! I don't know what it is about life, but when my Rudy departed I did not think I was going to go on with life. Thank God, I am moving on! My only surviving son is so wonderful to us. I keep telling him to take care of his family, and that we'd be okay, but he is so determined! I was without a computer for a few days, but he came to my aid (Bless His Heart.) Cukita, I have missed you guys! I pray that your computer lasts! God bless!


my computer died during the summer and did not get a new laptop untill the end of september, i was completely lost so i understand your despair especially as it can be your only communication to the outside world and here. i pray they both keep going for you. welcome back irma. cutikka are you ok,any help yet?
god bless you both
olly, i am fine thanks 4 asking. i got a lot of numbers 4 assistance but unfortunant nobody can help cuz im not completely poor. i have income coming from supposal support. but thanks for the concern. at least i have my manual wheelchair, n i can still use an erase board to communicate. :)
Thank you caroline, I am pleased to be back!

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