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Jun 19, 2006
Loved one DX
Hi Everyone! My name is Sara, and my mother was recently diagnosed with ALS. It is hard to see a loved one with this debilitating disease. I feel for everyone that has ALS or has a loved one or friend with it. I'm grateful for this forum, and am looking forward to talking with people who understand.
Hi Sara. Can I ask where you live and how old your mom is? Does she have sporadic or familial ALS? Glad you found us. Sorry about your mom and feel free to ask what you need to know.
Hi Al, I live in British Columbia. My mother is 63 and started having symptoms just over a year ago. She is at the point now where she's not able to walk, talk, eat. It happened so fast. I think she has sporadic. I read an interesting website recently that suggested that chronic illness has a lot to do with accumulated stress. Any thoughts on that?
We've had other people here question whether stress related things can be a trigger for ALS. Some research is being done in this regard but I think most thought is still with a genetic fault set off by a stressor or an environmental toxin. We have had a lot of people with head injuries and others taking statin drugs for cholesterol. A Lot of different routes to go. One of the reasons we need to come up with more ideas for research money. Also sara do you think your mom would be interested in the genetic study that I posted about under the Research in ALS heading above this heading on the main page. You contact the lady in Quebec at Notre Dame Hospital and she sends a questionaire and a box for blood samples. They will even pay for the samples to be taken if your lab won't do it for free and they send a prepaid FEDEX envelope for you to send the samples back. It probably won't help us but may help our grandchildren or children someday.
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Hi Sara, welcome to this forum..this is really sad what happened with your mom..you can never expect what can happen.. life is so cruel!

Take care = god bless you n ur mom
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