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Jan 8, 2008
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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum. I'm a 20-year-old named Jed, living in New South Wales, Australia. I recently (December 3) lost my dad to ALS (MND as it's more commonly known as here) and so I decided to join this forum to connect with other people going, or who have gone through this ordeal. :)

I posted another thread with in the "In Memorium" section about my dad, with a link to an article about him. Here's the link again anyway:


His death is only sinking in now a month and a bit afterwards. I can't really stop thinking about how the disease took him away and what it did to him and how he was by the end. So I think one of the most positive things I can do is to join this site and talk to everyone here, and I hope to form friendships with all of you from all around the world. :)

Peace and love,

Peace and love to you, too Jed. It si always tough to lose your dad but it must be harder to do so while you are a young adult. I am sure he is proud that you are reaching out to others. Cindy
jed, you did the right thing. I joined this forum after my son died (june 3, 2007, 38 yrs), and it was the wisest thing I'v e done in my life. This site is so helpful, it's really the members! They are so nice, and they welcome you with open arms. This forum is my new found family! God bless! Oh yes, I'm gonna check your site!

Hi Jed

Welcome to the Forum. I too am relatively new & joined just before my mum passed from bulbar MND in November 2007 (Diagnosed Jan 2007).

I know how you feel in that it is only a month or so afterwards that it all sinks in, especially now that Christmas is over and we are into the New Year. Joining the forum is one of the best things that you can do and if you can help other members through your own experiences then you are assuring that you father did not die in vain and it honours him.

Your father's at peace now and no longer suffering and I am sure he is with you and your family as you come to terms with everything.

Take care

Hi Jed,welcome to the forum.I am so sorry that you lost your Dad to this horrible disease.I read the article about your Dad and it sounds like he was so loved by so many people and a wonderfull inspiration to all he came in contact with.Thankyou for sharing your story and his legacy with us.God Bless you and your familly and i hope you find the peace and comfort you desire from this forum!.....Gina

I am brand new also. My mother is in her last stages of ALS now. She is on hospice and has 24 hr care. It is a very horrible disease as you well know. I am 35 with a husband and two young children who love their grandmother dearly and are also watching her go through this. I am sorry to hear about your dad. I also lost my dad 3 years ago to a sudden heart attack. Even though his death was a shock it was still somewhat easier to handle then watching my mom go through this terrible disease.
I am not sure when my mother will pass but I do know it will be sometime this year. She was diagnosed in Oct of 2006. She has a feeding tube but does not want the ventalator, which I can't blame her. I think you will find this forum helpful. I already have!
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