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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Hi Al and Everyone,

I have just spent the last hour or so going over and reading some of the first posts on this forum. Back from 2003. WOW! Those early days with Downtown Johnny, Fisher, TBear, myself and eventually Al. What a comic relief bunch we were. It was, to say the least bittersweet for me. But, you know, I had some really good moments too! ha..I really sounded like I knew what I was doing, although it was hit or miss, a game that all als families play. I read with delight how strong Henry was when I first started posting, and then with sorrow when I felt that I was the only one that wanted to keep this forum going. I was so angry when I had to start answering my own posts, Ha... It all turned around though, and am so happy to see all the new names and stories that are posted continuously. It makes my heart sing.

I know that many of you, and your families are living with this als thing. It is awful, horrible, unkind, relentless, cruel, tiring, frustrating, and scary.

It is also one of the greatest times in your lives. WHAT? Did this crazy lady also say great? I must have your attention now. Listen, your right, it is not the greatest thing, however, you will find out that some of the greatest moments in your lifes will have come from living this adversity of als. Henry and I had some of the best damn laughs that we ever had in our marriage. We also had time to refelct and remember and to plan for the future. We also had time to kiss and hug and say I love you over and over and over and over. Our children saw what true love was between their parents, and that is something that they will carry with them their entire lives. We met so, so many wonderful people. Not just doctors, nurses, therapists, these people became our friends. They opened their hearts to us and helped us out is so many, many ways. I now know how to modify any, every, and probably every situation that will be thrown my way! I found out how strong I am and how strong Henry was, and the people who were with us each and every step of the way.

It has been 2 years now since Henry's passing. He left with me and those who loved him such a legacy. I know that I have not been on the forum much this past year, ( I let Al take over ha..) so many of you will not know who I am or how I started out early on in the game called als forum. For those of you from the old days, Hi and Hugs, I wonder about some of our early friends, how they are doing.

Anyway, I thought I would just stop in to say hello, and to let each and everyone of you know that I pray for you all each and everyday, and if ever, anyone wants to talk or vent please, please feel free to contact me. I may not be of much help, but, I have been there, lived it for 9 years and am happy to say, survived.


Carol D. xo
Thank You Carol, I Don't Know What I Would Have Done If I Hadn't Found These Forums.

God Bless You and Henry

Husband's Caregiver Dx 10/17/05
Baja California, Mexico
Good to hear from you Carol. Your ears must have been burning Friday. I had asked Lee if she had answered your email because she types faster than me now. I use one finger on left hand now or on screen keyboard both of which take a bit of time. It's good to have a secretary once in a while but she gets behind sometimes. She'll write this weekend for sure.
Hi Carol-it is nice to"Meet" the person whos name crops up on many of the old posts. You must be proud to see how sucessful your efforts have become! We are still coming here for support and a laugh and still making friends. Thanks for helping to make all this possible! Cindy
It's nice to have you drop back in, Carol.

I was just coming aboard about the time your dear Henry past on.

You really helped me lots with all your words of wisdom and I still think of you as the friend that had lots of answers. LB has lost a lot of ground in his two years with this.. but we are fighting the battle with smiles and laughter as much as possible.

Al is doing a good job with the forum. There are enough wife CALS here to keep him straight!

Come back and join us when you can. We still need you.

Hi Carol

Hi Carol, About a week ago I did the same thing I went back to read the posts before I joined. It was easier to keep track of the pals then. The Forum has really grown! My Best to you, Beebe
Hi Carol -

When I first "arrived", I went back and read all the old posts. I remember the warmth and concern you conveyed to all the PALS and CALS who visited. You set such a wonderfully caring tone which I believe laid the groundwork for the success of this forum. Thank you.

Hello Carol DeBoer:
I've just been looking over the old posts as well and it now seems so overwhelming how active the site is and how many people are involved. .. and now how little I can contribute. Glad to see that you are holding your own... Fischer and the red bikini still haunts my memory but I'll bet that that thread has been censored... or Al has it framed on a wall somewhere!
T.... one of those other old guys!
Hello T Bear- How are you doing? Back when I first joined your posts were among the most memorable and insightful. Good to hear from you again. Cordially, Cindy
Hello Carol

Hello Carol:

You don't know me as I just came on the forum around the time your husband Henry passed away. It is weird that you wrote as I was just thinking of you the other day, wondering how you were and what life was like for you now after so many years dedicated to taking care of Henry. What a coincidence. Honestly, I thought to myself that you must have moved on, away from ALS and then poof, there is your note.

I remember how comforting and supportive your posts were to people and this new one is no exception.

"ALS Sucks" as my friend Gail and I like to say, but you are right, we have had so many moments that we wouldn't have had, if this didn't happen. Life is seen through new eyes.

Welcome back.! and nice to hear that you are well.

Barbie :)
Hi Cindy:
I am well but have been in the process of changing locations. A euphamism for moving! My kids, who all went away for school are now rebounding back home and looking for handouts! I still peek at the forum from time to time and get the odd message at home from Al but find that my inputs and advice might be a bit superfluous as much of it is covered already. So many people with so much insight! I'm also happy to note that Carol has found the time to have fun again and is seeing all of this from a new perspective.
Our family still actively participate in ALS fundraising stuff locally and it keeps me out of trouble... but just barely!
Glad you are well and still plugging through!


Thanks T- I have a lot of respect for the work you and Al and Carol did (and David, of course!) to get this board up and running. You should all feel proud for what you created! Cindy
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