Hi Do you celebrate Halloween in Canada

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May 2, 2006
new jersey
forked river
Hi I was wondering if you celebrate Halloween in Canada. Our doorbells will be ringing tomorrow. The Trick or Treaters will be out! Tonight is mischief night, but recent years have not been bad. Strung toilet paper seems to be the only obvious thing. Better than eggs smashed on mailboxes and cars. Just wondering. My Best to all, Beebe
Yes we do celebrate Halloween and on the same day as you unlike our Thanksgiving which we celebrate in Oct. for some reason I'll look up some day. Our kids used to do the mischief nite as well but obviously you're not that old or you would have mentioned tipping over outhouses. When I was working there were some kids we never caught but they would pour gas into an old car tire, light it and roll it down the hill in one area. Luckily we had a pretty flat town with only one hill good enough to pull that stunt on. We live in a rural area now so we'll only have half a dozen or so kids. More chocolate bars for me. Ha Ha. AL.
Tipping outhouses! How about tipping cows?
We didn't have any cows where I lived. AL.
Al! Its a staple over here in the outland. You have to sneak up on them at night while they sleep standing up and nudge them over! Then run like crazy... faster if it was a bull!
Had 4 kids come to the house early. Now I have to eat 40 or 50 chocolate bars. Darn.
Dang little critters were all over my neighborhood. Must have been 100 goblins. Ate almost all my candy. Hey AL save me a few bars.
God Bless
Capt AL
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