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comfortable with ALS

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Sep 24, 2007
st.clair shores
Hey guys i havet posted in a while, i wanted to give myself a break from here for a while, i was driving myself nuts. Well lets see ive been having tongue fasics now and fell 2 times this week because my left side gave out...very scary especially since i am pregnant. I had an als specialist yes tell me no als, well i want to so badly believe him but its very hard because i am constantly reminded by my symptoms. He also did my right side not left, and i told him my left side was bothering me and hopefully he will do it soon. I heard the spine is the best place to get emg? is that true? My vision is so distorted to, i no als isnt vision problems but i think als can do anything. I no ive mentioned the vision thing before but i have debrie in my eye of a 50 year old and i watched it happen when i was pregnant the first time in a circle then they went everywhere on tv,computer screen, you would have to see inside my eyes to understand what i see. I called the als nurse today and said she will let the doc no. Ok well i guess its only a matter of time before it shows up on emg. I have had 4 but they have been within 6 to 7 months which i heard you should wait at least 3 months in between so we will see... I don't think this is bfs though? what do you guys think? thanks jenny
The debris in your eyes are called floaters.
Thanks Jamie

You are correct, but he said they were not your typical floaters that come and go. So he just said it was debrie i sent you that email thanks jenny
Hi Jenny - hope your pregnancy is doing well and you are taking good care of yourself and the baby. I just wanted to say that I fell several times during my pregnancies. Remember that your center of gravity shifts when you are pregnant and it is easy to take a tumble. Hence they advise no high heels. I would not worry in the least about falling in relation to ALS. It is much more likely that you have fallen because of the increased weight and shifting balance that goes with that. IN terms of tongue fasics, my neuro told me that a fasic in of itself is not worrisome in the least if it is not accompanied by weakness and/or atrophy in that same area. So you can have benign tongue fasics too. You've done well to not hang out here and fuel your fears. Try to keep it up. Your mental health is important to your little one.
Hi jenny,

Is it coming from the back of your leg. When I was pregant I developed sciatica on the left side also from the baby sitting on the nerve. My leg would give out ocassionally and I would fall also. The first time I ever saw floaters in my eyes was when I was pregant also. never had them in my life. pregancy can do alot to your body. One night when I was pregant with my daughter, she must have been sitting on a nerve and my baby toe moved to the side and I couldn't get it to move back over. It stood like that for 15 minutes.
before I went into labor with both my children I had eye twitches for 3 days.

Thanks girls for your suppot...i so no what you mean about siatica, i had it with lilyrose oh man it was bad...this was kind of differnt like i stumbled and fell twice. I dunno what to think with all the mis diagnosed? i feel so bad for everyone. I guess ill have to wait and see what happens right? Its just been a nightmare not sleeping at all because of my jerking at night and twitching.
Could the fasics possibly be due to anxiety?
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