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comfortable with ALS

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Sep 24, 2007
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Well its been a while since i posted i went to my als specialist yesterday...I have positive hoffmans sign now...He stil not concerned what i dont get it thats a sing of umn and hes the specialist and said iam not a red flag for him at all...ok and he says als isnt in my future.. well ive been having a lot of trouble with my throat and jaw craking...my baby is due any day now...iam very worried as so is my dad and husband now. Can i get some pals opinions...thanks jenny
I have a left Hoffman sign (and also have trouble swallowing), but was reassured I do not have any neurological disorder and do not ALS. So maybe that's a good thing that two neurologists and two separate patients with the same sign and they both state no ALS? Please keep me inform as I will you, if they relate it to any condition or disease.
Jenny, you don't have ALS.

I've reread your posts and it seems as though because you were right in your diagnosis (via online research) of your dear baby, Lilyrose, that you've done the same thing for yourself.
It is common after the death of someone close to look more closely at your own health. I know when my dear friend died of cancer, I was constantly worried that each little ache and pain was cancer. I may be that you even wanted to die after your baby died. That was a possibility because of the new pregnancy. So an ALS diagnosis would help you die a little at a time.

Please LIVE for the sake of your new baby. I wish I'd paid attention earlier when you said you couldn't take drugs for depression because you were pregnant. I did, and my baby turned out just fine. Many drugs for depression are now okay with pregnancy. Zoloft in particular. Please focus on your baby and it's health. You are not dying. You should be living life to it's fullest.

Most everyone on this board is either suffering from ALS or has a loved one that is. Their symptoms have been identified by an ALS specialist. Those doctors don't just hand out "yes" or "no" lightly. When they say no, it's for real. They have no reason on earth to lie to you. It would go against who they are as doctors. It would be like a doctor knowing you have brain cancer and telling you, "no, you don't have brain cancer".

My mother will not be here next Christmas. She probably won't be here for Easter of this year. She would do anything in the world to have a few twitches and some eye floaters. Please, out of respect for those with a positive diagnosis, stop trying to die. You're so young, so much of your life ahead. Seek help from a therapist before your baby is born.
I have been very concerned for your baby. You have to take somethng as soon as the baby is born.Dont waste a minute.get it the day the baby is born or your baby will suffer because you will be so consumed with thinking you have ALS The baby is your main concern and nothing else. Good luck with your new baby Pat

Like everyone else said concentrate on living, and enjoying the baby!
After you have the baby and your hormaones and everything go back to normal,
your twitching might just disappear, anxiety plays alot in all of these symtoms.
You have certainly been through alot.
I agree with Pat. Please tell every medical person you meet at the maternity ward how worried you are about ALS. And please take whatever meds they prescribe. You have a newborn to think of.
How can I have a positive Hoffman's all of a sudden, can any pals relate experience with Hoffman's sign. Can it come and go? thanks for all the help. Feb. 11, 2008 at 2:00 pm.
judging from all of your posts, it's probably positive from you studying it and then making it positive. I have read a couple of members on here who have done that. I can't for the sake of me figure out why.
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