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Jun 2, 2007
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Hey agin everyone, I know i have not posted in a while but i have been trying to stay away from the computer some to spend more time with my family. Just an update on my symptoms, well, they are all still their even with the clean emg a month ago. Some say a clean Emg is a great sign and almost always points away from ALS and others say that they have had several clean EMGs and still been diagnosed with ALS down the line, So I am at a loss their. Because Of that, I am still worried of course. So its been 5 months since My twiching begin (well since i noticed it anyway). I still dont feel weak, but one arm and hand is noticeble bigger then the other and so is one leg. My nero said it was normal for one side of the body to be bigger but he never looked at the difference in what i was talking about. I didnt notice this 5 months ago when the twiching started because i was not looking for it because i had never really heard of als before. So i dont know if its always been like that. I twich everywhere though, even on the top of my head and face, noise, and everywhere you can think of. I have been paying much attention to my tongue because of what everyone says and i think I felt it twich a couple of times but i am not positive about that one because Your mind can play tricks on you when you are that worried. I drool for sure though, their is no question about that one especially when i bend down but I remember that being like that for about 2 years now although it seems bad this month. But it seems like i am just making more saliva because i can swallow fine still. And also people have been telling me my talking is funny latley, I dont think its slurring or slower, more like a stutter that i developed or i will say something i did not mean to say like if i wanted to say blue on accident i would say boo and then correct myself. I am not sure if stress can really do that or not. But my speech issue started around when the twiching did and hasnt got a whole lot worst. I dont know, any suggtions or advice? I guess i just have to wait and see and i hate that! Thanks everyone!
I had a negative EMG today- Doctors all say that it is stress. I too have some more drool then I did before, and I too feel like I say the wrong word more than I used too. I have no weakness. I think that we who have these symptoms are more stressed then we have been. I know that I am . . . I have a new baby- no time alone with my husband . . . working full time... not sleeping the same as I did . . . I think we need to appreciate the beauty in every day. We cannot do anything if we do have this aweful disease so I think that we should take each day as it comes and keep faith. We should cherish the ones we love. There is this great country song that you should live each day as if you were dying. I think that is what all of this has taught me- to thank G-d for everyday and to do the things you want to do.
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