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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Hi all,

my Heart just sings wHen i go look at tHe forum and i see all of your wonderful posts and good wisHes and tHougHts and prayers. my wisH always, was for tHis forum to be a place of comfort, solitude and friendsHip. i tHink tHat it was accomplisHed ! well, we are bringing Henry Home tommorrow. He will still be under palliative care, but at Home. He is very weak now, but still in good spirits. He is incredible. we Had a Hospital bed delivered today and set up. He will sleep mucH better in tHat bed tHan in witH me. nietHer of us sleep wHen He is in bed witH me. He is pain free, due to tHe wonderful drugs tHat He is on. He fougHt meds for so long, but He now sees tHe advantages of being on tHem. our goal is to keep Him comfortable, content, and as Happy as possible. it Has been a long 2 week ordeal, we almost lost Him, but He Has a strong will and sucH a powerful faitH. tHe nurses all love Him up tHere, and tHey tHink He is a saint ! (little do tHey know) Ha.. actually tHrougH tHe face of tHis adversity, He Has maintained His dignity, courage, and His Humour. sometimes it was really rougH, like tHis past two weeks, but, we still found time to laugH and spend an incredible amount of time togetHer i wwent back to work today, ugH.... i could get used to not working you know! i Have an incredible staff and support team at work, and tHey are always wanting to do sometHing for me. its weird, because i am tHe giver, and tHe one everyone runs to wHen tHey are distressed. i am not used to being tHe one being taken care of ! i guess i sHould just enjoy it and let tHem feel tHat tHey are Helping me, wHicH tHey are, but i would never let tHem know just How mucH, or tHey would smotHer me! kim, tim needs a spanking ! Ha just kidding. He sounds a lot like Henry. are you sure He is not dutcH? stubborn and independent. good for some tHings i guess. He will know and so will you, wHen you need to be witH Him 24/7. glad you called tHe otHer day. i loved Hearing your voice. so comforting and caring. melissa, i ate all of your goodies ! i Have 5 extra pounds to run off ! again, tHat was so nice of you to come Here, but i am so sorry i missed you. we will Have to Have a great big ole reunion one day. wouldn't tHat be grand. elaine, tHereasa, Holly, less, karen, ted, al, lee, jane, mike, karen, ricHard, and to anyone tHat i may Have missed, tHank you, your prayers and good wisHes were felt Here, and were so Heartfelt. you are a trememdous buncH of people and i am so lucky to Have you all in our lives. deb, How is your study going? i Have not Heard anytHing about it from you. i Hope tHat if you Have started it tHat you are doing okay. take good care of yourself. anyway, tHe big day is tommorrw, so i sHould go get some sleep, (if i can) and be rested for Henry. i Hope you are all well, and keeping busy witH tHis cold crappy weatHer. i will let you all know How we make out and will keep you all informed.

good nigHt my dear friends, you are truly tHe best !

stay strong,

love, carol xo
Hi carol ,
glad tHat Henry is at Home. you forgot to mention me in your reunion is tHat becasue i'm not from ontario? lol, i was wondering if anyone Has ever cHecked out tHe webiste alsindependence .com. its very interesting at it covers every province and tHe stories at least some of tHem are incredible. i didn't know you could get als at tHe age of 17 and 19 tHese poor girls. tHey Have sinced passed on but its kind of scary tHey were just babies and it took tHem so fast. tHey Have a link on tHere wHere you ask tHe dr questions and He is very informative especially for people like me wHere we dont Have any specialists in tHis field. george runs tHe website and He also Has als so He can realte to wHat everyone is saying. well tHats my tidbit of news for tHe day ineed to go to sleep i aHve a big day tomorrow i will tell you tHeresa about it and of course carol.
love and Hugs to everyone
als about loveing someone
Wooohoooooo! oh carol, i'm so happy for you and henry! what a relief for both of you! i'm glad you're back to work, carol. work was always such a comfort for me!

i saw dr neil cashman last tuesday. he said the stem cell study is ready to start. i should be hearing from someone next week! i'm looking forward to doing something that may help. everyone wants to help me, now perhaps i can give something back!

now carol i want you to put on your red bikini and give henry a great big hug and kiss from me! my thoughts and prayers to you both.

Carol - that is so wonderful henry is coming home. and, i would imagine it is good in a certain way that you both will be able to get more sleep. i have wondered how you manage that! you just enjoy the support people are giving you and let them smother you. you gotta take it if you're going to give it! you don't want your cup to run out!

kim - i'm going to check out that website you mentioned.

debbie - that's so great about the study. keep us posted.

i haven't really had a chance to get to know some of you new people but it is so great the group is growing.

well, gotta run, i'm at work right now so i can't stay long. melissa
i am home for my lunch so i only have a few minutes.
carol, so happy to hear that henry is coming home. he sounds like a true survivor in many ways. with all the support around him, how could he not. carol, if people want to help, let them. it is very frustrating when you want to support someone in any way you can, and they don't let you. i know, i live it in my heart daily.
kim, what are you up to now? why the big day approaching...hope it is what i think it is.
debbie, keep us posted about the study. saw a documentary the other day on w, ms research, not sure how old it was as i wasn't able to see the entire program. interesting however.
gotta run..
love to all
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