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Feb 27, 2006
Hello. I have a brother who is not 28 and has had ALS for about 2.5 yrs. He has difficulty sleeping. He has a medical bed, a soft pillow, but he still needs to be adjusted every 30 to 45 minutes.

I need help. Do any of you know of anything that I can do to ease his sleeping discomfort or if there are any products that I can purchase to help with this situation.

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Rosales. Good to hear from you again. I posted the tips I remembered (that in and of itself is an oxymoron! :-D) but I am sure some of our PALS and CALS will have some good tips for you. Sorry to hear your brother is having trouble.
My PAL also has to be turned often (I suppose when you don't have a lot of body padding, it gets pretty uncomfortable). We got an air mattress sort of thing from the ALS equipment pool. I seriously just looks like a compartmentalize air mattress. It has straps that fit over the corners of the bed (a medical bed, so it does work even when the bed is sitting up). It took a few days to figure out the right amount of air in it, but it's been a HUGE help. It cut down the turning from four-five times a night to just two! (Great for me!) It was a Gaymar overlay. No alternating pressure, or anything fancy.

We were lucky to get it from the ALS Association, but I don't think they cost more than $100. Worth a shot?
I have a hospital bed with a four inch memory foam mattress topper. Because it forms to your body, there are no pressure points. Once Jen lays me down, I don't move until morning.

Wow, that sounds great. I had no idea that memory foam had no pressure points. My dad has horrible pain from being in bed all day so this might help him. Did you buy the memory foam mattress from a mattress store or were you able to get it through insurance or the ALS association?
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