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Jul 14, 2006
I am ready to have a feeding tube. I went to a GI doctor and all he would consider installing is what is called a PEG tube. I don't want this type due to the fact that I am still able to be up and active and I do not want that long 10" tube pushing out on my shirt. (My ALS affected area is with my swallowing and speech) I received info from the ALS association about feeding tubes and it tells of a new type of feeding tube called BUTTON TUBE. This tube is flush with the skin and has a pop open door that you plug in a tube at feeding time. To me, this would be so much better that having a PEG type tube. Do any of you have a button tube or have ever heard of them before. If so please let me know your feelings. Thanks

Hi Rick,
Welcome to the forum, the place nobody wants to need to belong to, but are glad we do belong.
I have a BUTTON tube.
I had a PEG installed. It involved inserting it by a gastroscope(may not be right word, they went down my throat). I ended up with the long tube coming out of my stomach. This was necessary as the length of it had to reach from throat out of stomach. It was about 6 or 8 inches out my stomach. This would be the tube you were talking about. I had to leave this long tube for five or six weeks and then they replaced it with a BUTTON. I understand that the long tube is necessary for the first little while, a button cannot be installed at first.
The button is great, as you say it is close to the stomach and not at at noticable. If you have to have a feeding tube this is the way to go.
Check with the doctor who will put it in, he will probably be able to tell you if he can change your PEG from a tube to a button.
Hope this is clear.
Hugs and prayers, Leah
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