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Nov 1, 2007
Wow how much stress can you have in your life without totally loosing it?Was supposed to go to my sisters house today for dinner with the familly.Could not go becuase my husband is too sick/oxygen/bipap/ativin....i believe in late stages of als.Enjoying a movie alone while he sleeps then i get a call from my sis saying they have just taken my mother to hospital again!I cannot leave to be with her because of my husbands condition !My brother whom i do not speak to<please no lectures about forgive and forget, sometimes some things are just unforgivable!I am a very spiritual and have never had ocassion to not forgive some one so this is just so hard for me!Anyway he is at the hospital with her right now.....i phoned my other brother and he is on it!And knows the situation and will keep me updated i hope!My sister can be a little melodramdic so im hoping that the situation is not as bad as she says.....but i am so scared .To top it all off my brothers wife whom i also want nothing to do with her mother died yesterday and my sister wanted to know if i was going to the viewing and the funeral......dammit why dont some people just get it?I feel bad that she has lost her mother but dammit they have done so much dammage to my familly and i dont know what to do!help and prayers please! Gina
Super Woman?

Hey Gina!
Be confident in a plan you think you can do to visit your mom while taking care of your PALS & YOURSELF.
Scrape off your sis and xbro and the sis- inlaw. You have to focus right now - and you're letting it all pile up - you are going to be in the bed next to your mom if you try to emotionally deal with all these other people! Now is not the time
- stay focused on your kids / grand kids, husband & mom.

You'll be OK you are a strong woman - but you cannot over stretch yourself.
I bet you have always been the go to gal in your family b/c you are so helpful
{ .. that's me, too...}

This is like an emotional titlewave, with past family issues that are adding to it's size.
Only you will know when it's right to handle the other sibling issues - b/c no one knows the pain that exhists. concentrate on your mom and PALS while enjoying your grandkids and kids
Best wishes to you , your mom and husband

{{{{{HUGS 4 U ALL}}}}}
Hey swmn thanks for your compassion and understanding!I wanna swmn to the other side but sometimes i think i might need some water wings to help!I guess help is the key word here! and i guess truth is sometimes we think we dont need it because we are strong.....but maybe i need to redefine what strong is ...maybe it means asking for help and not trying to do it alone!.....Gina
Hi Gina. Really sorry for all that is going on in your life. I can relate to the family issues. I was in Guyana once in 1986 and a friends father told his son in my presence. " look after yourself first and be happy, if you are happy you will make others around you happy" He was not a well educated man but a wise man. I think you need to worry about mom but, not much you can really do so wait and see. The rest of it, don't worry, it's not worth the bother.
Hi, Gina! I just came across your new thread. I am so sorry this is happening to you. You are already experiencing so much heart ache, you certainly do not need more problems. I can see you being concerned for your dear mom, as far as the rest of kinfolks, don't worry about them. I know you want to be there for your husband. I am praying to God that your mom's problem is not serious. Does your husband know what is going on? If he does not know, I would not say anything to him. Stress is really bad for Pals.

Wow! Now your sis inlaw's mom passed. Geeez, what's next? You are such a strong person, with a beautiful heart (from your posts), I know you will come up with some wise decisions! I will be praying for you as well, Gina! May God bless you, and your family.

" look after yourself first and be happy, if you are happy you will make others around you happy"

That is that "Law of Attractions" theory that is so popular these days. But stands to reason it will work if you follow AL's advice, Gina. Hope things settle down soon. Regards, Cindy
Thanks so much all my dear friends for your kind loving support!AL what your freind said to his son has allways been my own pylosophy in life as well.I am happy with myself and i am also true to myself in every way i can be!Problem is with the familly dynamics that suck me in ever damn time.I know i have to quit second guessing myself.This disease is just so isolating at times!
The doctor from the hospital just called me and said my mom is doing o.k. they do not think it is serious but because of her age,82,and she lives alone they want to keep her thier.She is still having dizzy spells and is very anemic....she had been seeing our g.p and was being treated for this but for some reason it is not helping and maybe even worse now. She is also very sore becuse when she fell she hurt her hands and elbows and tailbone....I know she will hate being in the hospital because she is a very active lady!I remember the last time she was in she said it was so cold in thier...cut backs on i want to go get her a big fuzzy blanket like the one i have and take up to her....feels like a big hug....thanks again ..gina
Gina, I am happy to hear that mom is doing okay. Prayers is the only way! God bless!

Irma thank you so my friend said to me one time...LET GO &LET GOD!........she is now a minister and i have lost touch with her wish i could get a hold of he i miss her so much!BUT i have this new familly thank GOD....for that!......Gina
Gina. You'd be amazed at who and what you can find on the internet. Type in her name in the Google search line and hit enter. Every one with her name that has ever had an article or TV story done about them will come up. You never know, she could be at the top of the list. Worth a few minutes of time.
Al i looked but to no avail...i will keep looking though......I just came from the hospital to visist my mom....oh my she is in so much pain from the fall....she said her whole body just aches...i sat down on the bed beside her and she just jumped because she was afraid someone was gonna touch her....She broke one thumb and the other isnt much better she landed on the back of her head on a concrete floor....her arms and elbows are so sore and her tailbone!I think she may have been hiding this condition from us kids for a while.....still running test on her and are gonna keep her a while untill they figure out what is going on!She was so thankfull for the blanket i brought her said she was freezing!anyway she is in safe hands for now!.......Gina
Hi , just wanted to update you on things going on.Mom still in hospital and they are still trying to figure out what is wrong with her...i try to get up to see her but it is so incredibly difficult with glens condition.I am very worried today because i think that he may be coming down with the flu.A few of my Grandchildren and my son have it and it is a bad one with high fever and terrible cough!......He had a rough night and i have called my g.p for advice as to what to do or give him!Awaiting a call back from her..........Gina
Gina, your mom and husband are in my prayers!

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