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Feb 21, 2019
Learn about ALS
is this emg indicative of als? ive been having symptoms tjat have been progressing for this past year, those symptoms being right hand and right feet weakness, all around twitching, thank you so much for your time i have attached my emg result if someone can please help me find some answers, thank you


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What did your neurologist say? I would hardly think that if you had a terminal illness that he/she would have sent you away without saying anything.

It would be the summary/conclusion part of the EMG report that would be what the findings of the exam. If MND is suspected, it would say it right there in the report. If it does not say that, you dont have it. Again, not sure why your neurologist would not have given you the info you're asking about.
What your neurologist and the interpretation / summary say matters most but I can on,y imagine they said no ALSas your emg does not look like it
I agree with Bestfriends.

There are some abnormalities in the EMG, but most of it looks just fine.

You mention weakness in right hand and foot. Did neurologist note weakness on exam? Are there any muscle functions you can’t do? For example, can you stand on your toes and on your heels? Can you fasten buttons, peel tabs off bottles, turn a key in a lock? (Assuming you could do this previously)

EMG is only part of diagnosing ALS. The other part is having a neurologist (preferably a neuromuscular disease specialist) document weakness on exam along with a history of muscle function failure. It also involves ruling out other conditions that mimic ALS.

If you want our opinion, it would be most helpful if you can post the summary at the end of the EMG. If it’s in Spanish, we can translate it.
Not according to your EMG. EMG is part of it but with no fibrillations or positive sharp waves, I can't imagine a diagnosis of ALS.
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