Help! How do you ship a Powerchair?

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Aug 2, 2006
Hi everyone,

I won the bid on the chair on Ebay. Now I need to get the chair from Utah to Maryland. I am hoping one of you can help me. With all the powerchair users out there I am sure one of you has shipped them somewhere. Please help.

Great news Rich. Do you know anyone in customer relations at Southwest Airlines? Or one of the others. They might do it as a freebie for some good press. Do you know any reporters? Ask around. A friend once told me it don't cost anything to ask. AL.
another suggestion

Al's reply is the 1st i'd try but also contact the nearest ALS chapter. Also what is the cost for you or a another person to fly there and pick up as it is considered luggage. The person flying from MD,or from you place could also be AB ( can walk)
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I would contact the local ALS chapter to see if they can help, or even contact the fire departments, as they were a great help here in shipping.

if you get no other help, I live in Alabama & will gladly figure out a way for my van to help it get from one place to another, without cost to you. Its just a way for me to help others the way others helped my Momma.

just give me a hollar.
Well, I guess I should ask GrampAl to end this thread. I finally contracted a freight company to pack and ship the chair. I investigated flying my son out to Utah airfare and van rental was much more than the freight. I contacted the Salt Lake City Chapter of ALSA. I opened up a can of worms with that. He wanted to know who I was dealing with locally and wasn't much help at all. I don't know any reporters and I don't know how to BS enough to get the airlines to kick in. The best offer was Sara's Daughter I appreciate it but I couldn't or wouldn't ask. As I understand it at the moment the chair has been picked up by the packing company. I am waiting for the BOL from the freight company. I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for its arrival.
I had a visit from the ALSA patient services regional specialist this evening and she told me I shouldn't have bought it. That she could get me one for free. I told her after waiting four months and fighting with the DME vendor and the insurance company I was just happy to have a chair on the way. I am so hoping to improve my QOL.

God bless and thanks,
Impatient Rich
Hey Rich. We'll leave it open to see how you make out with the new Wheels. Sorry our ideas didn't pan out. Maybe someone on the forum might work or know someone with an airline or Fedex or someone and can start looking for a contact for the next person that needs a hand. I know a lady at Westjet a Canadian company. I'll be asking her about this.
hon, I wouldnt have offered if I didnt mean it.

Dont let this opportunity go because you are having this minor difficulty.

(I say minor because Im truly willing to help!)

just give me a hollar, and me & my van are so there..........

[email protected]

it will be okay, you've come too far to back down now...and I know you wont!

let me know if I can make phone calls, etc. because Im not shy, and I have the patience of Job when it comes to something like this...

I will find SOMEONE...if not, I AM HERE.

and I will be.:-D
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