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Martha Edwards

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Jan 15, 2007
Port St. Lucie
This is my first post and I'm in search of guidance due to frustration and concern for my husband. We live in Southeast Florida. My husband is 40 years old and this began 6 months ago. His left hand has total muscle loss and now we see signs in his right hand. He is beginning to have constant pain in his legs and feet now. He has had an array of tests, from MRI to Lumbar puncture and all have been negative. I should also tell you that he is a lawn service tech, where he uses fertilizers & insecticides daily. He has had blood work for heavy metal and any number of other possibilities, which all came back negative. We recently traveled to Gainesville to Shands Reserach Hospital, where the Neurologist there told us he has a pinched nerve in his left hand and the other symptoms are "in his head". I am so anxious for him because I watch him struggle everyday with the pain while he tries to work. He also has constant headaches. He recently experienced muscle twitching in his right arm, but even his parents think he is imagining his symptoms. This weekend he began having pain in one of his eyes. Do we have to wait another 6 months for someone the see this could be more than a pinched nerve? His appetite is less but so far he has not lost any great deal of weight. He is living on ibuprofen and I am concerned about his liver. Just wanted to post to gain insight from others. Please know in advance I appreciate any and all responses.
What to do?

Without making myself an expert in medical terms, I am a expert in my diagnose - ALS (pma)
I will advise you to make an appointment with an neurologist at your hospital explaining your suspision and your observation before going in panic over what this is, because there's a lot of other condition with simular reactions of the body.
Hi again,
We consulted with 2 neurologists. One was investigating a motor neuron disease, however, we became totally frustrated with her & her office. They were so very inept at everything they did. They would schedule us for 40 minute consults and we would end up spending 5 mintues with the neurologist while she typed on the computer with her back to us and asked the same questions over and over. She ordered tests and would not tell us what they were for. When we asked questions she would say "we'll talk about it next time", all the while charging the $30 copay. Her office never gave us tests results. We finally asked for copies of all tests so we could see what was going on, but we are not doctors. The other neurologist is the one that told my husband his pain is "imagined" because he could not find a medical explanation. We just want honest, open discussions about our fears and concerns and they have been ignored or dismissed.
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