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Feb 24, 2006
Hi--What a beautiful new site--I love the color scheme! Was there ever a consideration of keeping the site's essentially Canadian identity? Just wondering.

Well, I am sorry we all have to be here. I am the daughter of a PALS who was diagnosed in 1/2005 at age 74. We went through the Lyme disease stuff, and though he tested positive, antibiotics did nothing. He progressed very quickly, is on Bi-Pap full time, refuses peg and vent. He has lost the use of his arms and legs, and his diaphragm is very weak. He's still hungry, though, and loves his pie and ice cream. Hospice was brought in 8/2005.

The old site was supported by the ALS Society of Canada. I'm not sure if David thought about keeping the Canadian identity. I think that most people will realize that Canadians are running it. Although we do have quite a few new Americans I think it is mostly Canadians posting. Now if we could just convince everyone to put their state , province or at least their country in their profile it would be easier to give advice because a lot of the topics are province or state specific, meaning that they all do not have the same health care plans.
Not open for further replies.