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Jul 7, 2005
It has been so quiet here on the forum for the past week or so! I hope that is a good sign and everybody is doing well.
Hi Terri,

I have noticed the same thing, as I check the forum a few times a day. People must be busy getting ready for christmas! I am finding it's a good distraction from the everyday of ALS. Shopping, decorating, baking. Anything we can do to have normality!

Take care!
Its quiet over here too! Soon the kids will be arriving 21 & 24 years then in-laws, and then the kids friends, total mayhem. We always say never again, but hopefully God willing maybe a few more. Peace and good wishes to all
I've noticed that things are quiet here as well. Haven't seen or heard from Pals Mike even after a personal email. I hope everyone is just trying to get in the Holiday spirit and are too busy to post. Or like me their puter crashed and had to revamp it. Strange things go on at this time of year.
Some good. Some bad. I guess it's all part of the train ride of life.
Hi all,
I, too, was thinking how quiet it was here in the last few weeks, and then we got the very sad news about Elaine. So, the lack of posts is maybe a good thing...the old adage that no news is good news?
I always check the posts two or three times when I am feeling down just to hear about people who understand what I feel like.
Hope everyone is able to enjoy a happy Christmas season with their loved ones.
Now everyone can't be out partying or shopping can they?
I am inclinded to believe it is the busy time of the season and for many this year, it is the first Christmas without their loved ones.
I on the other hand, have been trying to butt kick our local high school for some awareness and fundraising, a task wrapped up in more red tape then anything Santa could bring down the chimney. :roll: So I could post more here, or spend my time writing emails, letters, pull off the information I need form the website, request to be put on the agenda for the January Student council meeting to present our cause, deliver the letters personally to the school.............or I could chat some more :eek: Of course you know I am kidding....but that is what I have been up to. That doesn't include the two telephone interviews I had to prepare for, of course the morning after hearing about Elaine. I haven't even started the shopping yet, but the tree is up :lol:
Our tree is up too, and I am almost done with my shopping! Quite a task! My son will be two at the end of January, and he is absolutely in love with our Christmas tree. I have to have the lights on all day and night long. He is obsessed with it! :lol: It is very cute actually. Last night we went out looking at the lights around town, and a local church put on a big Christmas light show. I swear my son had never seen anything like it. The look in his eyes was so sweet. It brought a tear to my eye. He kept saying "Pretty lights!" Happy shopping to you all!
We've got ours up too. We have one of those fake ones this year. I do miss the live one like we've always had in the past. But I must confess, it was nice not to have to string the lights. LB is being so quiet this year. He doesn't really act depressed, he's always laughing. He just doesn't want to get out and do anything. There are lots of light displays in the area that we could spend a couple of hours strolling around in but he's not interested. And the mall is the last place he wants to be. That I can understand!

Take care everyone.

I can understand someone's not really getting into the Christmas spirit. I try to be cheerful but thoughts of What if this is my last Christmas ? do go through your head even if the doctors tell you you're doing fine. After all as they say we're all different and none of us really knows when our time is up but some of us have an idea that it will be sooner than later. Sorry if I'm discouraging some people but these things I'm sure are going through the minds of at least some of the PALS.
I don't think I'm the only realist on the forum. Don't misunderstand me : I have not and will not give up but there is that little rotten part of this disease that is really crappy and that is losing a good friend to it. It's been a tough week around my house but it's been tougher at my friends house. Hopefuly we will get through it and be more cheerful later on.
You are very wise, and I suppose some of the reason it has been quieter then normal, is the season and the sentiments which run along side.
I went onto the Toronto Star site to see if there was an obit for Elaine. I couldn't find anything, but as I scrolled down another familiar name from many years ago, caught my attention. She was a woman I met when my kids were in elementary school, who passed away Monday. She had suffered with MS for more then 20 years, and lost the fight. It kinda blew me away when I read it.
What has been eating away at me since Elaines passing is the reminder not to leave matters unresolved, for if you do, you leave those behind with unanswered questions, unresolved issues, rotting with frustration. That is not fair to loved ones coping with the loss, and have further regrets to handle.
We can all go at any time, for any reason, don't let petty pride stop you from coming to terms with those who care about you. I wish someone out there would consider the impact on those around before it is too late.
Merry Christmas all,
I too am finding this one difficult. I turned 40 today. Not exactly where i thought I'd be. O n the other hand when I was diagnosed 5 years ago, I wasn't sure I'd even make it, So I wish I hadn't wasted all that time worrying in the past. This is the first year that I really can't do much of anything to get ready for Christmas. I can't talk and I can't eat, which is the two best parts of Christmas. My family is determined to get me out and enjoy myself even if it is by force...bless em' I'll try to curb my BA-HUMBUGism cause when i'm up...everyone is up, and when i'm down........well, you know. I just wish they'd quit asking me what I want for Christmas.
Happy Birthday Les from one bah humbug kind of a guy to another. Hope you have a great day and Merry Christmas. Al.
Hi Guys,

Al, for all the times you give support, love and wise words of advice, you're entitled to have days where you feel a little discouraged, especially around Christmastime. I haven't put up a tree this year because it's just me and I'll be moving soon after Christmas. Warm hugs to you Al - we know you haven't given up and we're not giving up either - even though at times we all get the ALS blues...(that sounds so patronizing but I don't mean it that way - just as positive as we can be, sometimes it still gets us down.)

Theresa, you are so right about not letting things pass by unsaid, undone etc. We never know when our time will be up - whether we have ALS or some other affliction. This Christmas will be the first time my immediate family has spent time together (all 5 of us) in 17 years because we've always lived all over the country/world away from each other. But this year, I was able to convince my family to all go to Calgary to be with Dwain. Even my other bro, who hasn't spoken to Dwain since his diagnosed. I'm still hoping and waiting for the big miracle of a cure, but I'll celebrate the little miracles in the mean time.

Les. happy birthday! For all the things that are changing in your body, be thankful for the things in your life that will remain constant. I know, easier for me to say but that's what my brother always tells me. He is turning 40 this year too....diagnosed a month before he turned 38. Blessings and much love to you.

I do understand the bah humbug. I know how I feel and I have an idea how LB feels. Last Christmas walking, this Christmas with a walker. You can't help but to wonder what this disease will rob you of by next year. I have such respect for everyone who keeps giving it your all. 'Your all', that is the greatest gift you can give to your family this Christmas season. That is all I want from LB and my all is what I will strive to give back to him. Something makes me believe that when the new year comes we will all be stronger in the ways that count.
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