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Marjorie R. Wilcox

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Nov 21, 2007
New York
My husband, Rick, not only was recently diagnosed with ALS, but is fighting to save his right leg from an accident in July. Would you believe that we went to a church picnic where a homemade cannon was set off for our entertainment, and it malfunctioned and blew up backwards into the crowd? After 5 surgeries thusfar, he is successfully growing a bone and is doing fine with the leg. He also has Type II diabetes and has been on a BIPAP for more than a year for sleep apnea.
Rick and I have known each other for over 55 years, but we are newlyweds of only one year. He is a sweetheart... a gentle, kind, very loving man who never asks for anything and never says an unkind word about anybody. He accepts all this with quiet peace and is not afraid to die.
I have a fulltime job, and on the side I have been a home caregiver for six different clients until they passed away. I don't know how I will possibly bear Rick's being my "magnum opus." I have been complimented on my homecare skills but am not prepared to accept watching my sweetheart suffer and die.
I need the support of your forum and look forward to receiving consolation and advice. We have access to all the supports of the VA as Rick is a Navy veteran. We have the financial backing of the homeowner's policy to take care of the medical needs to heal the leg... and we have our church and personal medical insurance as well.
Rick coughs when he laughs. He staggered when he could walk before the accident. His calf muscles were deteriorating even before the explosion, and he is beginning to have evening twitches in his legs. He has excessive phlegm in the morning... some memory loss. He is not bedridden. He goes to the bathroom with his walker, hopping on one foot as he can put no weight on the bad leg. He sits with his leg elevated all day otherwise. He has lost his job and is on disability..... cannot drive.
I would appreciate any response from anyone.... anytime and will try to get responses given within a reasonable span of time, should the need arise. I thank you so very much. Marjorie

My husband Rick has just been diagnosed with ALS. He also was in an explosion accident in July and has had five surgeries attempting to save his leg. He is on a BIPAP machine for his sleep apnea and has Type II diabetes. His ALS symptoms are not yet obvious to most people, but he coughs when he laughs, has had some problems swallowing on occasion, and the muscles in his legs have been deteriorating since spring. He also has some evening spasms in his legs and some loss of memory. He is 60 years old. I have known him for 55 years, and we are one year newlyweds.
Rick is a kind, gentle man who never says an unkind word about anybody. He never complains or makes a single request for himself. He has lost feeling in some parts of his body, so it is sort of a blessing, since the injury would cause a healthy person excruciating pain.
I work fulltime and have done homecare for the terminally ill... six clients in all. This could be my "magnum opus" and I am not prepared to care for the one I so greatly adore... while he suffers and dies.
I appreciate the support and information I can get from your forum... and I will respond to anyone who would like to talk to me. Thank you. Marjorie
Hello marjorie and welcome to the forum although I am sorry for the reason you must be here. We will try to help in any way we can. Our members are very supportive and there is a lot of information around here on how to be a CAL (caregiver for someone with ALS) or how to live with ALS. I am glad you decided to join us. Cindy
Hey Marjorie,

Sorry about your husband. Hopefully you will find comfort and support here on the forum.
Welcome Marjorie. Sorry you have to be here but hopefully we can all help each other out.
thanks AL

Just got your message of welcome.... January 26th. I clicked on first thread for M. Wilcox. I wish I knew how to use this forum. I just click on this and that and see what happens! Thank you AL. Hope I can learn how to correspond with you and others. marjorie
Thank Cindy too.

Hello and thank you. I do appreciate this forum and log in often at all times of the day or night. Rick has been granted SS disability and it now begins very soon. We have plans to enjoy our lives in every way possible as we wait and watch for symptoms to increase. RIght now he seems pretty normal to the casual observer. We are grateful for our lives as compared to others. I hope we can help others as they help us. Marjorie
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