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Apr 23, 2004
Hi all,
First time on here, been diagnosed with als for 7 years now. I am 38
and married with 3 children, a dog, cat, 2 rabbits, hamster and a few fish.
I don't have much use of my arms but my legs are still fairly strong.
Balance isn't good, have had a few nasty falls. I go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, mostly on the exercise bike. Huge fan of the Toronto maple leafs :D
all for now
Hi Boxer. I read your note obviously. It seems as if you have a sense of humour in all of this.
I am the Theresa with the note on this site pertaining to side effects of the medications taken. My story, or part therein, is there.
I am not sure where you live in Ontario, but I recently attended at meeting in the GTA in support of D'Feet walk for ALS. It was very informative. The walk is to take place June 19 in Mississauga.
I am amazed at how long you have had this disease, and how well you are doing based on the information you gave. It shows the variety at how slow it can progress.
If you can share any more, it would be great. I am an outsider trying to look inside a loved one who thinks he can handle this alone. As a result, it has put an enormous strain on the friendship. I am trying to understand the mixture of emotions and drugs side effects.
Not open for further replies.