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Apr 30, 2007
Hi everyone,
I'm a new member. I'm 37 and come September 2007 it'll be 3 years that I was DX with ALS. I'm doing well; my progression is relatively slow. I can actually still walk (although very little) I have been living in a long term care facility for 6 months now.
I'm hoping to meet some people who are living through some of the same things as I am and maybe make some friends that I can talk to in the process.
Thanks for your time.
Hi Carlos. Glad you decided to join us. We've had a couple of members in long term facilities. Be nice if they check back in so you guys could share experiences. But it is great that you are progressing slowly! Do your friends and family get a chance to stop in to see you once and awhile? Cindy
Welcome Carlos. You have come to a good place. This site is about helping others and getting help and friendship. Glad you found us.
Nice to meet you Carlos. If you're looking for support and companionship, you've definitely come to the right place. We'll be glad to get to know you.

Have a nice day. :)

Hi Carlos! I too am a new member of this forum and it's been such an instrumental part of my day to read all the helpful posts. My dad was diagnosed in February 2007 and this is a wonderful, helpful and caring group of people that will answer any question you may have! Glad to meet you! :-D

Hi Cindy, thanks for being my first reply. I wasn't sure how long it would take. Everyone here seems very nice, I'm looking forward to getting to know every one of you.
To answer your question, I have a very supportive and big family. I usually have a visit every few days.
Take care.
Hey Al, thank you for the nice welcome.
Take care.
Hi there Liz, I'm kind of surprised by all the response, thank you. I look forward to getting to know you.
Hi Michelle, it's nice to meet you too. I hope that things with dad are going well and that the load is not too heavy. In the beginning it can feel like you're being bombarded from every side.
All the best.

Hey Carlos, nice to meet you. This is really a great site and full of good info, the folks on here are great. I was diagnosed with ALS in Dec. 05, have a good day. Billy,
Hi Carlos,

I just signed up myself and noticed that you are located in Montreal, as I am. I would be happy to discuss issues with you and hopefully provide answers to your questions.
I was diagnosed in June'04 and guess that I am about where the "average " patient would be. Arms and legs are pretty much ballast but luckily, eating is still not a problem.
Welcome Cetus it sounds like you and I might be around the same area in progression as well. You might be a bit ahead of me though. I'm sure we'll all be able to compare stories over time.
I am also new at this forum thing...signed on this morning and you are my second contact. I'm not quite sure yet if "it's" for me - I do get a very strong sense of bonding from what little I've read. My first contact was with Al ( I see he responded as well) and it was in search of info reguarding severe pain of the achilles tendons that I've been exp for the past 3 weeks. Can anybody out there help me with that?
My symptoms began '04 and diagnosed '05. Currently, no fine motor exists in left hand and rt is catching up. I still walk- with AFO's no cain needed and iffy. W/out, 2 cains work but a walker is safer. Just the past mo. my speach has changed...harder to articulate/project, making my job as a phys.ed. teacher that much more difficult. It is my hope to finish the year and then go on disability.
Don't really know how I fit in with my progression rate - never talked to another ALS person...............anybody? From the way it sounds, we must be pretty similar Carlos. Looking fwrd to hearing back.

Hey Carlos!

I'm new to the forum also. My brother was diagnosed with ALS when he was 28, we just celebrated his 47th b-day! I'm happy to share anything with you that might help you.
Wow! God bless him. It is stories like that that keeps me going.
I'm sure he had a great support circle of friends and family. Because I do and it helps me feel some days that I can make it too. Thanks for sharing and say hey to your brother for me.
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