Hello, I have a few questions about ALS...

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Oct 28, 2003
My name is Crystal.
I'm taking a Home Support/Resident Care Aid program in BC.
I've been assigned ALS as my disease topic and there are numerous things about ALS that I can't find online or in a book. Not that I want someone to just give me the answer, but to try and help me find them.

Question: Describe the care required by an older adult with this disease. Describe how the basic human needs are impacted by the disease.
a) Physiological needs
b) Safety and security needs
c) Love and belonging needs
d) Self-esteem needs
e) Self-fulfilment needs

These needs are based on Maslow's Heirarchy of needs. I don't understand, for example, you can provide care that can satisfy self-fulfilment needs of someone with ALS. Its rather a strange part of the presentation...

Can anyone help me with this?
Hi Crystal:
Every newly diagnosed ALS patient usually receives an information package from ALS Canada that may include answers to many of the items that you need to address in your topic. Start there... and the unit or chapter closest to you in B.C.. They are online at the top of this page!

Thanks for the suggestions...
I downloaded the manual on the ALS website and it's proving to be very useful!
thanks :)
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