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Apr 15, 2008
Hi there, my mother has ALS and I am her caregiver, it has been a rough year and a half, where everything that can go wrong has..... lately my mom has been deteriorating quite quickly, that makes me scared. At the beginning I felt very strong and I felt we would beat this, but now i'm tired, stressed out and this has no end, how can one illness be so cruel to its patient, not only the patient but it is also a horrible feeling to see your parent lose their life infront of there eyes. It's a tough one, i'm extremely sorry that we are all on this forum and that we have to face this illness in one way or another. Im usually possitive haha don't feel it today, anyways i will promise to stay strong and I know all of you will too. Faith and lots of love to all of you, have a wonderful day, today i will go shopping for flower with my mother, she wants us to make a huge flower garden outside her window. Take care and we can beat this thing, and if they don't find a cure in time, remember to keep on ahead, this is our cause and we must raise funds, to find a cure for future patients, I don't think any of us would ever wish this upon even our worst enemy. Big hug to all, Susanna :wink:
Hi Susanna. Welcome but sorry about your mom. Are you registered with ALS .B.C.? They might be able to help and take some of the stress off you.
Yes, welcome to the forum Susanna. this is a great place to vent and share. That flower garden sounds pretty. I know I say this a lot around here but don't forget to take care of yourself while taking care of Mom.
Welcome Susanna! Sorry not to have seen your intro until now. When I first joined these forums, I introduced myself under this particular forum (New Members-Say Hello) too. Only one person responded to me.
Then I discovered the Sticky at the top of this New Members forum and saw that most people introduce themselves there. I therefore don't check new posts here regularly. I hope you'll get some more responses. People here really do care and certainly understand the many stresses of PALS and CALS.
I'm sure you are exhausted by now and it's easy to become disillusioned by the atrocities of this horrible disease. It's truly the cruelest of diseases and it's mind-boggling that more advances into understanding it have not been made.
I hope you can find some rest. I know you're doing all you can for your mother. You're certainly not alone in your caregiving. This forum quickly shows you that. We're all travelling this road together.
Keep us posted and I hope you can find comfort in reading others' posts. Take care.
Peace to you and your mother,
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