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Dec 12, 2006
I have read several posts where Grandpa Al asks new members to give info about themselves so they can become "part of the family". I would very much like to become part of this amazing family. I am 42 and have had ALS for about eight years. Several years ago, I started a website to help organize our "Share the Care" team. When I was trached in Dec. of 2004, most team members were no longer comfortable caring for me, so the team fell apart. Luckily, this coincided with our receiving county funding for in-home caregivers, so everything worked out.

My wife (Jen) and I noticed that my positive attitude seemed to be making a difference in my progression compared to our friends in the ALS community, so I decided to use the website as a tool to show other PALS that you can still live a fulfilling life with ALS.

I think the easiest way to introduce myself is to send you to my website (typing takes a while). There is a basic introduction on the Home page, my ALS history on the A Brief History page, and some info about what I have learned along the way on the Thoughts on Life page. Please take a look when you have a few minutes.


Hi Mike!:-D Welcome to our forum family!

I went through your website and thought it was great! You have a very 'zen' way of living and looking at life which is quite refreshing.

I look forward to your posts and threads.

Welcome Mike,
I had an office in the old Benicia Arsenal HQ until a few years ago. Now I'm a ways NE of you in Vacaville. I'm sure we've met. I looked at your website and you have a lot of innovative ideas about mobility.
My diagnosed was last summer, but when it started is anyone's guess. I sure like your attitude, and your ability to get around. Best wishes!
Thanks Mike and Alan. Alan, I was actually raised in Vacaville.

Hi Mike. I had a look at your site today and bookmarked it in case someone wants to look at it later after this post shuffles down the list if you don't mind. I like to keep a few good sites to refer new people to when they are looking for ways to cope and see what to expect. AL.
No problem. Thanks Al.
Hi Mike

Hi there and welcome, Found your website very interesting and informative. Guess you didn't listen to the Drs. you went out there and did your thing. What a great attitude! My son=in-law Jack is 42 he was diagnosed in April of 2006. They went to the Hot Springs this year and spent a lot of time there. They both felt so good didn't want to leave. My Best to you, Beebe
Hi Beebe,

Sorry to hear about Jack. Thanks for your compliments on the website. Actually, the doctors are all for the way I live my life.

Hi Mike

Hi there, I think it's great the way you are LIVING your life, Most of the Drs. are not very encouraging. Go home and rest, save your energy for something you like to do. You are an inspiration to all. My Best to you, Beebe
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