Height and weight difference

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Feb 19, 2007
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How do you move someone that is a lot difference in size? [Not there yet just thinking] He is 230 LBS 6' 3' AND I AM 5' 1" 160 LBS.
Hi Georgia. Where are you moving him? Are you talking about moving him in house? A Hoyer lift can be used to move most of us around. A transfer disc can be a help as well. There are transfer belts that can be used as well. Your OT should be able to show these things before you need them.
OK with the discussion on the restrooms I was thinking how you did it size wise without a lift.
My husband was about 195 and 5' 11"and I about 130 and 5'6"when we were doing those kind of transfers...not as big a difference as you. We were able to do them until he lost the strength to support his own weight after I pulled him up with a transfer belt. Then we went to a lift. I am guessing you will have to go to a lift sooner than some people because of the size difference,. With the lift I can move him around all by myself even though he is completely paralyzed. But do push your OT or others to train you in good techniques--there are so many tricks--our OT was terrible and didnt help at all--I learned from a friend. Be very careful of your back!Also , the PALS tend to lose a lot of weight which helps with handling..my husband was eventually down to 145 and now is up to about 155.
Good Luck...and try not to worry about it too much until the time comes! (That's the trick with this darn disease, isnt it?!)
At this point it is hard to think it might come to that [trying not to worry just to prepare]. He has some arm weakness but more noticable bulbar symptoms without the choking yet and just enough fasciculations to put the pieces together.
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