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Mar 29, 2007
fort collins
Hi-please let me tell you about my symptoms as I am so scared I can't sleep at night.
Twitching began overnight on March 16 07-everywhere backs of shoulders, triceps, thighs,calves cramping in arches of both feet and pain in the hands by the thumbs. I had a slight left eyelid heavy feeling and some twitiching in the left face. The twitching lasted 3 weeks and then went away for about 5 weeks. Then it came back. I did see neuro who said I had full strenght and good tone. My b12 level was high about 1200 so I backed off vitamins. My potassium tends to run 3.7-3.9 range It is now June 20 and my twitichiing started to decrease a great deal about 4 days ago. No facial twitiching or weakness-no lid drop-rare calf twitiching and thigh twiitching. Now I've noticed my right calf is not as wide as left one. NO strentght loss or weakness. I can still stand on my toes and heels and I even planted 2 trees and put 10 bags of mulch down this weekend. I also have a heavy feeling in my right leg but this starts in the buttocks so I am not sure if this is sciatica. I had a l4-5 sponylolisthesis of my lower spine otherwise I am healthy. I am going for a neck and lowere back xray this weekend. This leg pain gets better with some tylenol or motrin-do not have pain in am but by nighttime it resurfaces. Please someone let me know if this sounds like early als-the twitching is the most concerning to me -I have 4 kids and am terrified they won't grow without a mom--I work in healthcare so a little knowledge is killing me-Anyone ?

This doesn't sound like ALS. Twitching doesn't go away and then come back. When twitching does go away, the muscle has atrophied or wasted away - there is no more muscle to "twitch."

One calf muscle not being as big as the other is simple to explain: you are either right dominate or left dominate, using one side of the body more, which can mean you have more fat or more muscle on one side- depending on how active you are. Take a look in the mirror at all your body parts, even your feet and hands. You will see what I'm talking about.

If you neuro sent you away with a good report and you had no weakness, then I'd say it sounds like benign twitching. With four kids, it could be anxiety!

Just my opinion.

Being rested in the am and in pain in evening that tylenol helps sounds like my wife's bad back. She had a pinched nerve. Seriously 4 kids is enough to give anyone twitches. It doesn't sound like ALS.
Jimercat and AL are spot on mom of 4. I got two and they drive me insane..i feel 4 you.

YOu dont have ALS........

Go read up on BFS.....80% of BFS'ers are medical staff, so, not only are the odds in your favor, you have an extra cookie in the jar.

Don't stop here, you do need to get a workup, it could be autoimmue, thyroid or something of that manner, it's just NOT ALS.


Momof4 - I am sorry for the way you are feeling and especially the fear that you have. When my symptoms started, and for many months after they started, I also was very scared In fact, a year and a half later I still am and still worry about my kids. There are some syndromes that cause the symptoms you describe....especially coming on later in the day into the night. Especially autoimmune diseases. With cramping and twitching I think you deserve to have your symptoms investigated fully. Have you had an EMG or any other workup? If not, discuss your fears with you neuro and get a workup. You probably don't have als, but something is going on and you will have anxiety until you get answers. So, my the rest of us, get checked out until you feel secure with what the docs tell you. Good luck.
Thank you all for your answers and advice-you have all helped me sleep a little better last night. You are all in my prayers. MOMOF4
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