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Oct 3, 2006
Learn about ALS
This is the first time I have been on this forums, and I need some help
!. I have muscle twitching that I feel sometimes and sometimes I don't
and my Doctor says that people with ALS do not feel them, is this true?
2. Is it normal to have a charlie-horse like pain in your legs and arms?
3. Do others have good days and bad days?
4, ON bad days it is hard for me to talk clearly and I'm nervous driving,
do others have these problems too?
Have other things going on too will cover them later.
Thank you all for you help:-D
hi les

I can feel my muscle twitches. I also get bad charlie horses/cramps in legs. And yes some days i feel worse than others. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
I hope you dont have als,,but if you do,,welcome to the club. We are always here for you.

Have a good day
Paula B
Hi Paula B

Thank you for your help
Do you get muscle twitching in all different parts of you body,
I get them mostly in my lower leg but I'm starting to get them
In my back,side and arms now.
thanks again
Muscle Twitching and Cramping

My husband has had severe muscle cramping everywhere from his neck and sides to his arms and legs. These have been happening for a couple of years. As for the muscles twitching, he does feel them and sometimes they are more severe than others. They occur mostly in his legs and sometimes in his arms. We have noticed that his diet seems to affect how bad they are. If he does a lot of dairy they seem to be worse. I have read that dairy has a lot of natural glutamate. Has anyone else noticed any problems with dairy? Boots

I feel my muscle twitching way more than I wish I could and mainly in the calves and arches of the feet. Boots, How's it going back there in the show me state?I've had no problems myself with dairy products. Barry

Buy' lots of insurance, then wait a month before going to neurology clinic. shot term policy, most ins test will not dicover desease.

dang sleep aids are kikkin in
Twitching and muscle spasms

Hi Les, welcome to the forum. Sounds like your symptoms are sort of like where I started 2 years ago. Mine started in feet few months, then calves few months, then thighs, and over period of 2 years the charlie horses are all the way to my neck and ribs. I still get them in feet legs and all over now. Just measured my right calf muscle which is suppose to be my good side and it is 12.75 inches around while my bad left side is over 17 1/2 inches? I have lost almost all use of legs unless I lock my legs and walk like Frankenstein. Use motorized wheelchair most time. My strength in my arms has gotten worse and can barley lift my body weight to get in chair.

So based on what you said I'd opt for what the last person said go get lots of insurance while you can, if you can. I hope you do not have this disease, but your symptoms sound not too good.

If you want to test for it go to an ALS clinic near you, if you can find one, or have a neurologist run a nerve conduction study and an EMG. That measures the electrical activity going to your muscles at rest.

If you have any more questions just ask or use the search link above and enter a topic to see if someone has already asked about something.

Best of luck and hope for anything but ALS.
God Bless
Big AL
Hi Les. My muscle cramps were going on for a year or more in my calves and hamstrings at night and in my hands while holding a book or paper before I noticed the fasciculations in right calf. Within 11 months they were most everywhere below my neck. At first I didn't feel the twitches but when they spread to bigger muscles I could feel them. Don't see them much in hands and forearms as they're pretty badly atrophied now. I'm still talking fine and driving but not sure how much longer that will be happening. Welcome to the group if you have this dreaded disease but hope you don't. AL.
Thank you all for your help

I knew my Doctor was not right about the muscle twitching.
I have good ins as long as I can work, my Ins is paid by my job.
I have had MRI's of my head and back, had blood tests
heart test, last one I had was the EMG all negative.
the day I had the EMG I was not getting very many twitches,
the doctor said it may have been to early.
Next I'm going to a ALS clinic.
Thanks again
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