Hats off to Mike !

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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Dear mike,

thank you so much ! my goodness you are so artistic it isn't funny. it is wonderful that you have this talent. you couild be professionl. why not? i hope everyone gets a good kick out of this pic. it is so great. again thanks, and i will always think of you when i see that photo. hope you are doing well and your family is well too. try not to get too busy with all of our requests, we will have you running like crazy! ha. anyway, i am so pleased and wish to extend my deep gratitude to you. you are truly the best. love ya.....

Hey ted,

now you can see tHe famous red bikini ! like it ? just imagine what i pack into it ! i agree with tHe rest of tHe girls, especially tHeresa, boobs are all tHe same. right guys? yeah, i can Hear tHem now, al is a dirty old man so He does not think so. however, my doc told me wHen i had my first baby that tHey were not tHere for decoration, sooooo, i guess He knows best. at least with boobs you can make tHem bigger, smaller, rounder, higHer, lower, firmer,etc. i really do not know what a man can do to Help aging, but, my guess is a big old fat 'nothing'. so, i guess being female has some advantages. anyway, have a good night all, and i will talk to you all soon. much love,

stay strong. carol xoxo

you're very welcome!

it only takes me a couple of minutes to do (it helps when you have the right programs)
if you're happy, i'm happy to do it.
there's no better payment than your appreciation.

Mike, can i have a butterfly, all pretty, maybe a clutter of them all together, on a hill surrounded by trees, spring time. not asking much am i? a long time ago, my friend with als now, and i went for a walk up some interesting hills. it was a magical day and as we climbed we came across about a 100 monarch butterflies all in a clutter directly in front of us blocking our movements. we named the hill "butterflyhill" and had the good fortune to return there this fall amongst all the colours. so they have enormous significance.

carol, i can't wait to read the boob debate, i see tbear left a message i haven't read yet. al is sheltered under palm trees and sun screen, but i doubt this will go without commentary by him when he reads it.

check your private message 'inbox'...
i made this one yesterday...

no hill, no monarch...
but it's got butterflies and the als cornflower though?
Carol. whatever do you mean that i am a dirty old man. everyone who has seen my pictures and knows me know that i am not old. dirty maybe but not old.
Al, you are such a wise guy.....that was good,
mike, i received your email, thank you it is perfect. man, wait till the rest of the members start bugging you, you won't have time to sleep.
now, does it automaticAlly attach like Al's and carols, or do i have to do something for it to show under the name.
thanks...a bunch...of butterflies....................
Just follow the instructions i sent you...(private msg).
if you need help...email me.

... nice job on carol's bikini mike. i'm getting the feeling that that is about as far as fisher and i are going to get to it though.

... and i thought you guys would appreciate the fact that al and i have such discriminating taste and fully appreciate the female form.

i'd agree with carol, that they all look alike but i don't have enough experience in the matter. there are statistical standards that one would have to conform with before that kind of statement can be made... so i'll have to see many, many more to make that decision... we look forward to your replies and, of course the .jpegs.


Ah, t-bear, i am sure you have discrimating tastes... you and al are both gentlemen ......as far as carols bikini, well, you may need to discuss that issue with henry.

i am afraid to ask how you intend to perform your study so you have more experience...........

gotta keep the laughs going here..carol, help me out..it is your bikini which started this ages ago...and i of course stirred the pot..help!
Well tbear you could come overto brampton. we are widely known for having quite a few establishments where you can have a beer or wine while doing the important research we speak of. there is one that even advertizes 100 pretty girls and 1 ugly one. you be the judge. i think that would be a good starting place.

on another note went to busch gardens yesterday. rode montu and kumba. 2 of the better roller coasters around. have pictures to prove it. will post when i get home. and once again it didn't kill me. i'm sure the docs back home think i'm nuts but i haven't rode a coaster in about 10 years and certainly not after the bypass 5 years ago. what a rush. not sureyet when we'll be back. might have to make it soon. left hand getting kind of crooked and think i"ll need a brace to keep it straight. just taking it easy today. cool out. trying to talk my buddy into going parasailing if it warms up. he's never done it but i have. so we'll see what the weather serves up for us. take care all and don't strain yourselves shoveling.
Hi, just a quick note, my home computer crapped out again so it is in the emerge department again. i am posting from work.

thank you mike for my butterfly..it is gorgeous, snazes up the place don't you tHink? you are a master.....now i don't feel so naked...........

al, you have to be back by march 30, the kick off for the walk at professors lake, i will update you about the meeting later. great to hear you are having a great time. you can keep the rollercoasters however..please bring us some spring weather.........soon.

i'll post a seperate posting to alert the forum members with information.

t bear, you will have to fly in for walk day.june 11.
Thanks liz:
i usually do walk day with my girls in toronto. if i did two in the same day, they'd probably have to carry me home. last year my sister and her family were in from kelowna for the event... so any physical benefits derived from the exercise were over come by the amount of beverage consumption that followed.


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