Has anyone heard of Griseofulvin

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Aug 30, 2006
Friend was DX
I have a friend with ALS. A mutual friend of both of ours has heard about a gentleman named Sherman Smith. He says he has stopped his ALS symptoms with a drug called Grizeofulvan. He has a web site that explains his experience. The web site isn't selling anything, however I was hesitant to link it on my post. You can Google Griseofulvin. I haven't found any further information regarding this man or the drug. Has anyone heard of Sherman Smith and/or Griseofulvin.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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I've never heard of it before and went to the site. First of all I doubt if a medicine invented to cure jock itch in soldiers in WW2 is going to cure ALS. Secondly the guy says the Neurologists won't test him because they don't want to be proved wrong. Pure B.S. if one of them could prove him right they'd be the most famous doctor since Dr. Spock. So that story doesn't hold water. Also 5 GP's have told him that his thumb symptom is significant. Try and find 5 GP's that have even seen a case of ALS. This is surely a misguided individual with something other than ALS or a scammer. Beware. AL.
Thanks Al for your response. I have a son with autism and I thought there where a lot of scammers hawking a cure for autism, but the ALS scammers may have them beat. I don't know how people sleep nights knowing they are cheating vulnerable, desperate people.
I wish you all the best and appreciate you moderating these forums.

Not To The Scamming, Sorry

Hey, Al
I have a question for you and I know you probably heard it before, my husband is the person that has the bulbar onset of ALS. He was diagnoised in September. I'm hearing from different people that the disease moves more rapidly when they have this kind of onset. Have you heard any such research that mentions this being true.
Thank you so much

Musicmiles, unfortanately, i've embarked on a massive research project since my symptoms started in Aug 06. I've told the Neuros i would be a good assistant to them. I guess, just straight forward, bulbar onset usually mean the prognosis is poor and the progression is rapidly progressive, with an 18 month survival average, but this is not always the case, there are many exceptions to the rule and hopefully your husband will be one of them. Now, there are things you can do to hopefully slow the progression down. They have stated Riluoteck (misspealt) works better on Bulbar ALS, so if your husband has not tried it, then i would suggest. Also, many people related slowing progression to strick diet, and lots of water.

YOu may also want to visit (banned site) and you will find a number of ALS patients, CALS, with the ALS track records of many patients. YOu can sort by diag, symptoms, etc etc and see what other people have done and what's worked for them.

the best of luck to you

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Stacey ,
my name is Michael , I have had ALS for over two years now . I have not heard of the drug you mentioned before today , so I spent a little time looking into it . It appears to me to be used by dermatologists, and used along the same lines as minocycline. I also remember minocycline being used in a drug trial . I also found a little bit of information about the benefits of this as might relate to some of the same components associated with ALS.
I hope this helps you on your search .
Blessings to you and your family ,

Thank you so much for sharing research with me. I have passed it along to my friend.
I appreciate all the help you and others on this forum have given me as I have helped her research different options. Your kindness and concern have been great and you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks again.
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