Has anyone heard from Sharon (LONGSAM2)?

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Oct 21, 2006
Lost a loved one
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Hi all,

I have not been checking in as much lately and was wondering if anyone has heard from
Sharon, (LONGSAM2)?

I've IM'd her a few times and have not had a reply.

Friday, the 16th of November will be one year since my friend Linda died.
Her husband called last weekend to ask me to get a few of her close friends together
so that we can spend the day with each other making Almond Roca. That's what she would be doing at this time of year if she were still here.

It will be odd, gathering together again at this time of year, in the same house where we gathered around Linda and her family, just 12 short months ago as she slowly and peacefully left us and went home to Jesus.

You all hold a special place in my heart and I will always be thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this special group. My prayers for you will never stop and as long as I am able I'll do what I can to support the efforts towards finding a cure for this awful disease.

God bless,
I think the last time I heard from Sharon was early Sept. She hasn't responded to more recent PMs.
Thanks Liz. September the 1st was the last I heard from her as well.

She's been on my mind recently and I thought I'd see if anyone has heard from her.
I know that the last I heard from her via PM was that hospice was beginning right away.
Hi, Jeanne! I believe the last time that I shared posts with Sharon was around Labor Day, or before then. I remember I was practically saying "my good byes" to her, and praying with her, because she sounded so much like my son when he was near death. Hospice was supposed to come to her house and start taking care of her. This disease is so bad. I only wish that Sharon would have had someone to help her with the posting when she wasn't able to. I know my son before he passed he didn't even care to get on the computer anymore. He just wanted to rest. God bless these folks. I pray to God that somebody out there will let us know something about Sharon.

I checked and the last time she was here viewing was Sept. 18.
Thank you Al! Hmmmmm! That's been two months! Can't think of what to say when Als is involved.

Thanks Irma & Al I appreciate your responses.

This site - No - the people on this site become like friends or family and I worry when someone goes missing.

Oh how I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and make ALS disappear forever!

Me too, Jeanne! Cindy
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