Happy New Year

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Jul 8, 2006
West of England
Since it is already 2008 this side of the Atlantic, I thought I would be the first to wish everyone a happy new year! Lets hope 2008 sees a leap forward in understanding and treating ALS.
Best wishes
jean, hi babe from this side of the continent. Thank you so very much for wishing us folks a Happy New Year, we are wishing you one in return! Mmmmmh! where should I begin? You are a sweetheart for wishing us a HNY! Yes dear, I hope 2008 will find a way of treating Als, but as far as understanding the disease, how do you do that? Als destroyed my life forever, it took my son away from me, how am I to understand that? I'll take that back.............my son told me that God had a plan for him when he learned of his diagnosis. I highly respect that. My question to him was, "Why you? What have you ever done so mean to others that it should be done unto you?" I will never be able to understand why some of these good folks with a kind heart should be stricken. I am not trying to be a witch, I just wanna know why someone with a kind heart? Please do not get me wrong, I am not angry at Him, I just wanna know why!
jean, you are a sweetheart for wishing us a HNY. All I know is that I am having a blessed one, a happy one, those days are over. God bless you all! Love you all. Praying for a darn cure!

Happy New year

Happy New Year from canada we have 4 1/2 hours till midnight here I sit here feeling so bitter sweet with all that has gone on in 2007..I had a freind who said it was hard to say happy new year to me becuase of the situation were in...I told him its okay for us to say happy new year,I know things are going change in this up coming year,thats okay,I feel like god put me and my spouse together for a reason,for the 8 years we were togther he was a great help to me and now I can do the same for him is be there..But anyways I was happy to see the happy new year posting from you..
I just wanna know why someone with a kind heart?

Hi Irma- maybe you are over-thinking this. ALS hits 1 to 2 in every 100,000 people. somebody has to be that one or two. But it is hard not to see it as a punishment when the road is so difficult. I am sorry your son was one of the 2. Peace, Cindy

I am grateful.

I am grateful for having had 4 sisters and a brother. My youngest sister was killed in a car crash at the age of 22. She was my best friend. But I would rather have had the 22 years as opposed to none at all. My oldest sister died at the age of 57, 8 days after her birthday. She lived and fought with cancer for 12 years and died on Dec 31, 2000. She was wonderful. We found out her breast cancer had spread to her bones on the day of the first viewing of our mother funeral services. Our mom died of cancer (2 kinds) and had dementia from parkinsons. Our Dad died of heart failure exacerbated by diabetes and playing a hard game of tennis:-D. My two remaining sisters are cancer survivors. We got to have lunch with our cousin last week. Her mother was the first of the aunts and uncles to die of cancer at the age of 41. My Aunt died 3 days after her oldest daughter's wedding. That older cousin died of cervical cancer just after her retirement. My brohter is disabled due to a long ago stomach bi pass.

I am grateful for everyone of them and have come to understand that things do happen, but my children are such a blessing as is my husband, and our friends, as is the work I was able to do for over 36 years. I am looking forward to today, and the MMN/ALS DX helps me to live one day at a time. I can still get cancer and a number of other things can happen so I remember to be grateful for the gift of time and love. It is a mind set that gives me peace. I share it with you in all humility. God Bless you all, throughout the new year and today. Sincerely, Peg
Wow i just cant believe how emotional i feel reading all of these posts.My heart is breaking for you Irma,you are such a sweet kind lady. iT is like Cindy said hard not to see it as a punishment!When my husband was diagnosed.the first time by a woman whom had beat cancer even though she was only given months to live i asked her how she dealt with that prognosis.She told me that she never asked her self" why me "she asked "why not me"?that always stuck in my mind!.........another thing that came to my mind was the tale end of an episode of touched by an angel yesterday.A man after losing his daughter was so angry with God that he told him he hated him for what he had done....one of the angels came and he said "i did not pray to god i told him i hated him"she replied that it didnt matter that,that was still a prayer and that God heard him and still loved him!and would be thier for him!Irma i think that God will still be thier for us no matter how angry we are with him he understands that.I know that you are such a sweet lady that it would be so hard for you to be angry with him but it is understandle and certainly if i were you i would be!
O.K i know i am getting a little long winded here.....im going to admit that i dont feel very happy this new year and i am just waiting for all these hollidays to be over so that i do not have to appear to be so happy.....well because right now i just want the hurt to go away and i want to be with the people i love and who love me and understand what it is like!So to all of you who understand i wish peace and comfort through another tough day!
That is so true, Cindy. It is just like when you win the lottery. Anyway.........I found a solution in order not to break down. I turned my tv off kinda early, I did not even stay up. Normally I love to watch as they drop the ball, always loved that countdown. This year I went to bed early, thinking that it would ease my emotions some, and it did! I laid there awake, but I was okay. My son, Shannon called me right after NY's, he was at home with his family. Had a pleasant little conversation with him, said goodnight to him, wished them well, and I dozed off to sleep. You see when something like this happens you will be on a roller coaster ride for a very long time. May God bless you Cindy. I pray to God that you have a better year!

Hi there

Every year we pray for a better year to come. This was a tough 2007! Jack has progressed and needs 24 hr. care and the my daughter Stephanie his wife was diagnosed with advanced Breast Cancer. She is only 36. She is a fighter, has lost her hair but looks adorable in her wig, never know it's a wig. So we have to HOPE and HANG in there. My Best to all. Fondly, Beebe
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