Happy Mother's day

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Sep 17, 2006
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New England
To all our PALS and CALS on this board: Happy Mother's Day! :-D I know most of our CALS will not get the day off they deserve but I hope you get as much of a break as possible on your day! Cindy
Thanks Cindy,

You are very thoughtful. Thank you for your well wishes. Please know the same are wished for you. Sincerely, Peg
Thank you, Cindy! Happy Mother's Day to you, too. I spent the night at amy son's Shannon. Left his house at 10:00am, went to the cemetery to take some flowers to my Mom, and a balloon for my Rudy. I was okay at the cemetery. Went by myself. My son and his family went to the island over to her parents. They will be back this afternoon to take me to Babin's, a nice Seafood Restaurant. Everything is fingerlickin' good! LOL! Thanks Cindy, for being so thoughtful, and may God bless you. My first Mother's Day without my Rudy, but I managed (with God's help).


Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies!
Hi Irma,

As you know, "The firsts" are so hard. God Bless you and give you his peace. Happy Mother's Day. Sincerely, Peg
Hi Peg, thank you, oh so much! You have a blessed mother's day, too. Gotta start getting ready, I have 2 hrs left! LOL! I am meeting my son and his family at this restaurant. I am so tired already! LOL! God bless you all.

Happy Mother's Day

Sending many good wishes to all the Mom's. Had a very busy day and a very loving day. I have great Kids! Glad I'm able to do as much as I can for them. Fondly, Beebe
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