hands painful & cramping pls help

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Aug 12, 2007
I have been waking up in the morning with my hands painful & in a fist; I can open them, but cannot fold them again properly. it is like the movement of a robot, my fingers bend once then again to touch my palm. it is not a smooth movement. this lasts for about ten minutes, then they are numb throughout the day (the numbness is not unusual) . I have severe neuropathic pain from a disease called syringomyelia. I am not certain if the hand cramping is related to the disease. my fingers feel warm/hot under cold water. I have weakness and pain in my left arm and recently, my left leg. I have pain/ weakness on my right side occasionally. I am concerned about my hands, and what this means and what it could be. please, please tell me if this is a symptom of als. I have become progressively worse over the last six months and don't know what is happening to me. thank you.
Hi TN,

In looking at Wikipedia about your original diagnosed, it seems that your problems are probably related to Syringomyelia, especially the sensations in your hands. The other symptoms you are experiencing also seem to go along with original diagnosed. But I am no doc. Have you spoken to your nero about this?

I don't think you have ALS.
Hi Tn. I think you need to see your specialist. The website says,
If not treated surgically, syringomyelia often leads to progressive weakness in the arms and legs, loss of hand sensation, and chronic, severe pain.

Here is a link to the site I found. They also have a link to an organization where you can get support. Good luck and take care of yourself. Cindy
I told my neuro that my hands have been cramping, and I see him again this week. The hand curling has been happening in the last couple of days. It frightens me because it is something I have not felt before. I have a syrinx and it has not changed over the past couple of years, although my symptoms have. my doctor is not certain if syringomyelia is causing all of my problems. my pain and weakness have increased dramatically. I am getting worse and my doctor doesn't know why. thank you for replying.
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