hands free hydrator bite valve device for bikers

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Sep 4, 2005
My wife can not use her hands to get water to her mouth. I rigged up a camelbak brand hydrobak bite down device designed for bikers to get water to their mouth without taking their hands off the handle bars.go to dicks sporting goods .com and look at the back pack hydrator.i bought it at dicks sporting goods for $29.95.
I put a pole on the back of wheelchair headrest and hooked the water holder to the polewith a hook ( i took it out of the back pack). I got a flexable, bendable hose, taped the hose to it and put the bite valve device by her mouth.Every time she bites down on it she gets water to her mouth.You can buy a fexable hose from craft stores.The name of the sporting good store is the nick name for Richard and rhymes with sick. The web site filter blocked the name.
Good idea. We need more mobility devices that are adaptable for us. Let us know if you come up with any more ideas.
I set up a similar system for my mom when she was immobilized after a car accident a few years ago. It worked out well for a while, but then my mom found that she kept pinching her tongue on the bite valve and her tongue became raw and sore as a result. She became reluctant to use it after a while.

It could be that my mom needs to work on her tongue dexterity.

I know that I will have a similar system set up for me if and when I can no longer easily get drinks for myself.
thank u dear husband, couldn't do this without u or your contraptions. u have always been my biggest fan. i will be...

eternally grateful,
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