Hands and feet

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Aug 4, 2007
Sylvan Lake
Have people with als/mnd found that the skin on the palms of hands and soles of feet becomes thinner? As well that the hands and feet get quite red at times? It looks as if I have dishpan hands all of the time.
Hi Myooshka,

I am not diagnosed yet either.
One of the first things I noticed about my hands was the skin on my hands had become much thinner, you can exactually see through them
I actually feel the skin on my whole body has become thinner, especially around my eyes.
And yes my hands and feet become red at times and feel hot and some times they are freezing cold and blue.
thin skin

amen to that blue & red. A lifetime of callas left my feet long 2 years ago--that alone makes it thinner. My legs mottle red & white at bath time. they never did that b4. can't b helped by pulling on hands as is now painful.

Myooshka, my husband's feet are purpley/red most of the time. Occasionally they are normal color but I don't believe the skin has thinned.
It's odd you can see all of the viens as clear as day, I get this spotted look to my legs as well when I'm in the tub or if I stand for too long. I often wonder if mine is some time of mnd that is autoimmune as my grandmother has progresive ms and my little sister was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. So I better get on these @#$@$ doctors to find out what the heck this is because maybe they can treat it somewhat? There is a test ana(anti nuclear antobody) they are the antibodies that attack the body, that I tested positive for once but the next time they tested was negative, who knows, just keep plugging away!
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hands and feet

I can see all the veins running through my hands and my wrist and i could never in my life before. Where i had my first muscle cramp and problem in my leg, you can see a bluish vein there, not vericose. I always had thick skin and big muscles and my mom was skinny and would comment on how nice my legs were because you literally could not find one vein showing. The skin on my hands only get wrinkled in the winter. My fingers get cold and my fingers look skinny with loose skin, but in warm weather my fingers look full, just claw like....The tendons on top of my hand get more and more noticeable also on top of my foot, i even had twitching on top of my hand which i thought was impossible.... I also get a twitch in my forearm that makes my fingers move. My feet hurt a lot, but not severe. They get tingly really fast when i am sitting and their is pressure on them, kind of like my hands when i am driving. Just sharing my experiences! Oh yeah, Myooshka my legs get little red/blue spots all over them especially if i shave. When i get out of the shower and dry off you can see them, my legs look purplishy! Not in the summer though, maybe i need to live somewhere that has summer weather all year!
We'll have to let each other know when one of us gets a name for our illness. I used to have the baggy look on my fingers now the skin must have shrunk because my fingertips are just smaller. I get pain in my feet as well. You are so similiar to my symptoms. Did yours just come on fast?

I dont know what it is about your name but i just love it! No, my hand problems started slowly.. First with always being cold, then getting tingly and going numb while driving, and then they started twitching and then you could see wasting and curling of fingers.... It took about a year at least.....
Myooshka..... that's what my mom used to call me when she was alive. I started working with a polish girl and she called me myooshka and I was like how did you know that was my nickname turns out slavic people add the ooshka as an indearment.
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I had a little girl in my class who called her grandma "Bopchie" i probably did not spell it right, well for some reason i liked it and whenever i saw her, i called her "Bopchie" then my friedn Maryanne who was the cook where i worked heard us saying it and she said, hey i have a "Bopchie too" and i said what does it mean, and she said it is polish for Grandma! Turns out Maryanne is polish...........Wow it must have been like hearing from your mom when that lady said your name!
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