Handicapped Accessiblity

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Lisa Lane

Jul 25, 2006
Hello Everyone,
I am new to the world of the "Handicapped" and boy does it suck! I have a degree in Special Education and I have been aware of handicap accessibility for a long time, but I have never had to live it. Doors, bathrooms, parking areas, elevators are not handicapped friendly even if they say they are. People are the worst. We went to a ball game this weekend and we waited and waited for the elevator to go up to our level and they were packed with non handicapped people who just looked at us and didn't offer to get off and walk the stairs. How did we get so rude as a society? Handicapped parking stickers are another issue. People who are perfectly capable of walking taking up the space. I think people get them for a temporary reason and continue to use them. We went to Thailand in the spring and although they are not handicapped accessible, the people were. It was amazing! And to think we almost didn't go because we thought it would be to difficult. They made every effort to help me get in, up, out, whatever, so that I would be comfortable. Not here. I had a lady almost push me down to us the handicapped/companion bathroom at the movie theater one day, because she didn't want to stand in the line. Being physically challenged has opened my eyes completely to the unfairness of my new world. Places that I used to go are now off limits. I find myself sending my kids and husband out to scope out new territory.
I think I can handle the physical challenges of geography, but the attitudes of my fellow citizens is a hard one to swallow.

Just my observations,
The Invisible Woman

Your observations match what I have experienced since I have to use a chair. People not only fail to yield & give you a passageway, they walk right in front of you like you aren't even there! Forget help with doors. Support group told me to buy rubber door stop to hold door while caregiver pushes me through. But when you do meet an "angel", it makes you really appreciate. One small kindness can make your day.
We took my chair out last week on it's maiden voyage to the ball game. Coming up to the entrance to the stadium there was a group of about 30 kids maybe 14-15 years old in line to get in the door. The last kid looked over his shoulder at me tapped the kid in front and every one of them moved over to let my daughter push me in first. I did not expect that from the kids of today so there must be some parents out there still doing a good job. The adults were as you both said, some rude and some just plain indifferent. Makes you wonder about people and where they're coming from. Just an observation from one ride. I guess I'll get used to it. AL.
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