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Sep 27, 2007
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I'm really freaking out now. I have had this hand twitch off and on for a week now. It's on the top of my hand between my thumb and index finger. It started about a week ago, then stopped for a couple of days. Now it's lasted all last night (even in my sleep) and today. Does this sound like an ALS twitch? Would it be off and on like this? I started out with twitching everywhere and now more localized twitches. I'm so scared and don't know what to do.

I also feel like I've had speech slurring today. Would I already be having all of these symptoms suddenly at once?
How do you know it lasted all night, even in your sleep? Have you tried tape recording your voice when you think you are slurring and playing it back for others to see if they notice it?
Hi Al,
Thank you for replying. Yes, I could feel it twitch even in my sleep. It is still twitching today, so it's been about 2 days now. It's kind of an off and on twitch. It won't twitch for a while, then it will twitch about 20 times in minute. Is that odd?
As far as the slurring, I think that's all in my head. No one has noticed it, and I think it would be very uncommon to have all of these symptoms, all of a sudden. I have a lot of anxiety about my health, and this has by far been the worst ever. I tried to get another appt with my neuro and they don't have an opening until Jan 30! I can't wait that long, I will go insane. Any suggestions? Thank you!:)
Well, anti anxiety meds might help. Starting and stopping twitching is not common with ALS as a rule. Once the muscle starts to twitch it is usually 24/7. My wife would see me twitching in my sleep so that's how I know that.
A whole lot of symptoms don't usually come quickly together.

I was just reading somewhere , the most common places for muscle twitches in normal people
are in the hand between the thumb and index finger and in the foot. They named a couple of other spots
which are common I think the eyelid was listed. I can't remember where I read it for the life of me.
If I come across it again I will send it to you.
Thanks you Crystal. That makes me feel a little better. But is it normal to last for this long? I had an EMG 2 weeks into twitching, which didn't show anything, but I feel I got it done too early asmany people here have had normal initial EMGs.:(

Anxeity, stress, and caffiene can all cause muscle twitching or make it worse.
Are you taking anything for anxiety?
Do you have anyother symtoms beside twitching?

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Thank you Crystal and Al!

When you say twitching with ALS is usually 24/7, and doesn't stop and start, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that it's a non-stop pattern? Or would a twitch be all day, but a few times a minute, hour? thanks!
Mine would look like a bag of worms wriggling under the skin. It would be a ripple every few seconds.
Hmmm. I'm not sure my twitches look that way. Mine are more like a flutter or heartbeat. Thank you Al!
My mother say's the same, that her twitches are like 'heartbeats', and I certainly don't think its 24/7. She's been diagnosed with ALS. I wish I knew what on earth was going on :(
How common are fasciculations with MND? Are they just a pointer towards it, or is the absence of these a sign that you are unlikely to have it?


I have always had fasciculations all my life. And had problems building muscles no matter how much I did to build muscle. Makes me think I have been fighting off ALS all my life. This was long before my mother died of this horrible disease. This is also why the fasciculations I have now don't bother me. I have overcame the feeling long ago.
A lot of conditions cause twitching. It is common with ALS but other signs must be there too before they can say for sure it is MND. Most ocnditions that have twitching are treatable. Some people just twitch. That is called BFS and that is what everyone wants to have because it is completely benign.
Hi Cindy, the doctors have diagnosed my Mother with MND, and though she does have a few twitches, they are not very frequent and have more of a 'pulsing' rather than a 'rippling' appearance. If only things could be straightforward eh?


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