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Sep 9, 2022
Learn about ALS
Hi Community,

I would like to start with quick summary;

April 2022: Felt heavy tingling on right arm and middle finger moving during the day, right hand.

April 2022:1st Doctor Visit Result: low vitamin D and B12

May 2022: 2nd Doctor Visit Result: Neurology, all good with physical examination, MRI scan is clear

---Symptoms get worse---

July 2022: 3rd Doctor Visit: Another Neurology, all good with physical examination, blood test came good, new MRI from spide and belt, EMG (he probably put that needle 40 times around the body)
Doctor said: You do not have ALS or motor sickness. Looks like fibromyalgia but not ALS

He also said: you are in the loop of a fear and I need to give you pill to break this cycle. it is low level anti-anxiety pill, use 1 month and call me

August 2022: I called him and told i dont see any improvement and he changed the pill

November 2022: all my pains passed, I feel way better and ALS doesn't even come to my mind.

February 2023: Almost a year passed and I started to have some pain on the right arm. Let me add something here, January 2023 I stopped the pills as I was told by doctor

I had some really powerful pains on the right hand where i marked. I didn't want to pay attention and I did. I understand human body is not symmetrical and I am super fine with this. However, when I check my hand where I felt the pain this is what I see. More wrinkles and less muscle.

According to my timeline, I had EMG exactly 3 months later after my first pain in right arm.
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Please seek help (I don't mean the anti-anxiety drug, but someone to talk with) for your health anxiety, as there is no reason to think of ALS. I am not sure why your vitamin D and B12 were low, but making sure you have the healthy diet and exercise to avoid future deficiencies, as well as any supplementation needed, can help you feel your best.

It has been 11,5 months since I have been feeling all strange symptoms and I did one more EMG with needle on with same doctor. You may see the doctor's resume below;
  • Member of the Board of the Istanbul Branch of the Turkish EEG-EMG Association
  • Major clinical interests:
    • Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG - SEP - Evoked Potentials),
    • Peripheral nerve diseases,
    • muscle diseases,
    • general neurology,
    • Headache,
    • Neurological complications of systemic diseases,
    • Stroke and related diseases.
The doctor is working in neurology since 1992, starting from entry level positions and soon to be Prof.

To summarize;
1-) April 2022, First symptoms (tingling, numbness, fasciculation and right arm feels tired)
2-) July 2022, Blood Tests, MR, Physical Examination and EMG by the doctor I mentioned above (On the report it says there is no motor neuron illness found)
3-) September 2022, Physical examination by same doctor and told me that I am okay
4-) March 2023, EMG with needle by same doctor and told me exactly like this (I am sorry I could not find any motor neuron illness again)

Should I see this as ''psychological trauma' or health anxiety'' and continue my life without thinking about ALS?

I still have;
fasciculation (10-12 times per day all around body)
numbness (on the right arm only, time to time)

Should I see another doctor who is specialized with EMG and ALS? in 15 days I will mark 1 year since first symptoms.
I would return to your primary physician and work through possible strategies to feel better, yes, possibly hand therapy, working on anxiety/sleep beyond drugs, etc. But I think you know ALS doesn't present like this, and leave no clinical trace. The doctor you mention, if knowledgeable in clinical neurophysiology, should be more than qualified to say that an EMG is normal, which I take it is the case here.
Hi again,

I admit that I got scared so bad for the last 365 days, scared like hell. Cannot even remember how many days I cried or unhappy sitting all day thinking and this brought me emotional trauma/damage, its obvious.

Since I had my second EMG which was done after 1 year, I feel way better to be frank and I tell myself everyday ''you are good, be positive, you do not have ALS, it was just your stupid mind made you feel sick''

This is now my personal war against my mind to bring the happiness.

My final question before I depart from forum;

I still have muscle fasciculations randomly on arms or legs around 15-20 times per day, sometimes little less.
I do not have pain anymore anywhere.

However, my middle finger on left hand started to twitch and time to time I feel vibration feeling in my left hand. It is not muscle twitching or fasciculations, it is invisible feeling but I feel it with no doubt. It takes around 20-30 seconds and stops, happens for a few times.

Still anxiety recovery process or should I continue with ALS or any other MND?
You should go talk to someone who can ease your unfounded fear of a disease you don't have.

Good luck to you and take good care
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