Hand Atrophy.

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Nov 16, 2007
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I have a really weak feeling in between my thumb and pointer finger. Sometimes I feel it, sometimes I cant. Is that hand atrophy or is the muscle just strained? Does atrophy have any distictive signs?
Atrophy is the wasting of the muscle not just a weak 'feeling'. If you stretch your hands out in front of you and then close your index finger towards your thumb, the muscle between the two should "pop up" as my neuro put it. It doesnt have to be exactly the same on both sides and in fact many people have bulkier muscle on their hand of "handedness" as it were but there should be some mass there that is easily visible to you. HTH
Thank you for the info.
The muscle mass seems to be the same if not bigger on the hand that I feel the problem Is it normal that the joint on the thumb can bend back further than the one on the other hand? I dont seem to have actual weakness but it really feels akward when holding things sometimes and It does feel tired.
Does it cramp when you hold a newspaper or book for a while?
not really cramp but a feeling of really bad fatige almost. really akward like for the past couple days ive been doing stuff with my other hand mostly. there doesnt seem to be any real loss of streangth as i can tell but i can definatly feel it.
Hey Al, Ive never been really sure what that means in relation to your hands. I know what a cramp feels like in my leg but in my hands, I get a tired achy sensation but they dont seize up with way legs do with a charlie horse. Is it just pain on using them for a long time to do anything that I should be aware of or when you say cramp, do you really mean the same things as happens elsewhere. Sorry if I am not being clear with my question!
i get cramping in my hand and arm just like the legs. i think it hurts maybe worse than the legs
I have been getting like a dull pain in my wrist kinda off and on for two days. With the weakness in my thumb. It kinda comes and goes thoughout the day. Sometimes it feel very weird just to hold the mouse on my computer and other times it feels fine. I'm not sure may just be strained.
When I got hand cramps it was in the thumb forefinger area. Very painful and would stiffen up until I rubbed them a while or forced them to bend.
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