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Hi Al! I have thought of all of you often. After I lost my husband in August 2005, I went into a deep depression and ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks in November. Much of it was grief, and much of is was caregiver burnout. Anyway, upon getting released from the hospital, I spent a good Christmas with my family, flushed all my meds, hooked onto my 5th wheel, and headed back to Yuma, AZ. I had taken my hubby there twice(2004 & 2005), and this is my 3rd year of returning by myself. I enjoy the break, and it keeps me close to him and our friends. I have a winter home on the Colorado River (www.hiddenshores.com), and was just there in November to get my 5th wheel set up. I plan to return in January. I would be happy to show anyone around Yuma if they can get down there. It sure beats our wretched Canadian winters and the ice.

My husband's ALS was combined with another rare disease, Mantle Cell Lymphoma. He lived for 3 yrs after the first signs of anything being amiss. His first sign was weakness in his one arm, and it progressed to his other arm and then his legs. He did not have any bulbar involvement, thank God. He chose to not have any life support, so when he finally got aspiration pneumonia which our doctor expected, it was his time.

Has there been any new research into causes, cures, treatments, etc.? I still believe that inhaled chemicals play a huge role. In MB it was claimed that the majority of ALS patients were rural, then automotive industry, and then firefighters. My husband ran an auto/ag dealership, farmed on the side, and was fire chief for 25 yrs. 3 strikes, you're out, I suppose.

On a good note, he LIVED every day of his life. In his short 62 yrs, he likely lived more than a lot of 80 yr olds. For that I am grateful, and I am grateful for our wonderful life and all of the wonderful memories that I cherish. We may not understand why things happen as they do, but we can choose to make the best of it. :)

Pat ..... aka snowbirdqv

Even with familial it seems that way. My cousin was a firefighter and my sister I think stress of our mom brought to on. Somethings seem to trigger it.
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could you help me to post..i was just diagnosed and can't seem to get on here
Hi Cheryllyn. You seem to be doing ok with the forum. One thing that helped me when I was new here is to always choose the "New Post" tab at the top of this screen. That will get you into the most current conversations. Cindy
This is a great question, Christina. If it does not get some responses, I'll make a new thread for you if you like. I think you can make a new thread, too. You do it on the main section.

But lets see if any of our CALS notice this request.....
hi, how does one post on this site thanks Bob
I been dia with ALS 2 1/2 years ago I am 70 years old , it started with my left foot draging, noe both legs are getting weaker. My ? its been geting harder and harder just to go to rhe john, what does every one do when you can perform getting up and down any more Ihanks Bob
Hi Bob- I see you found out how to post! I am glad you decided to join us. Most everyone will be happy to help both with the site and with your questions about ALS.

If you do not get a lot of responses here, I'll make a new thread for you so people will see your question faster. Meanwhile, you do not say if you have a handicapped-accessible toilet and a grab rail nearby but these measures will work for awhile. You can also buy higher seats to put on the toilet - around my town they sell them in medical equipment stores. The higher seats work as long as you can still get up from a seated position in a regular chair. toilet seats are lower, thus the difficulty.

You also might find more answers if you click on the search tab at the top of this screen and type in "toilet seat". I hope this helps...Cindy
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