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May 25, 2004
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Don't worry about the rambling Kelly. I have been living with this for 4 years now. I don't mind rambling or venting. I have come to the conclusion that I WILL NOT let this forum be taken over by miserable people that have no tact, no feeling for others and no social skills. YES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Ask a question, give an opinion, but if you start dumping on another , you will be out of here. We have the best ALS forum on the net. As long as I and David and Cindy are alive we will keep it that way. If you don't like our rules. Go somewhere else! There are a lot of less reliable places to get information. That's the way it is here. Love us or leave us.
Thank you AL

Your still fighting fires, and darn good at it!


Al, Thanks for keeping this a nice forum. I just joined yesterday, but I like what I see so far.
Well Jake there are some snakes in the woodpile this week. Hope you can see past the silliness and stick around. It really is a good place.
Hi Al,
I am new kind of ( you couldn't tell because I ramble) and I throughly admire you and what you are doing. My husband is so depressed most of the time, sometimes I wheel him out here and read some of your posts to him....He gets a kick out of them....He could really play the guitar, some say the next Jimi Hendrix. He was signed to a major label and then this happened to him....I have spoke of you and your career to him frequently, your courage has made him now decide to get a puter not only for speech but to continue to write music, My family truly thinks of you as an inspiration! God Bless You and thanks for the encouragement. :-D:-D
Hi there. I can understand the depression. If you don't have something to live for it can be pretty darn bleak looking. I have this forum and all the good people here to look forward to (most days). I have an 11 month old granddaughter that lives upstairs that I see most days and a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter that lives away from us but she just spent 6 weeks with us. They are a reason for looking forward to the day. It got cold last week and we have about 8 inches of snow. I don't like the cold but fresh snow is like a new beginning. It covers up the old. Something to look forward to. You tell your husband he just has to change the way he looks at things. Some good will come from the bad. You just have to look a little deeper sometimes to see it. Take care.
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Hi Al and everyone -

I have been trying to follow the posts about the few bad things going on around this forum. All I can say is that You, David and Cindy are pretty darn fast at fixing whatever it is!

I don't post often - but I must chime in and say this IS the best forum. I am constantly using your links, Al, and yours, Cindy.

I am sorry you had to modify the forum to limit privileges temporarily, but it does seem to have stopped a lot of the problems of advertising and porn.

As far as the creeps and crabs go who occasionally show up - I do get offended. But they are so minimal compared to the astounding people here. I can only echo what Cindy says -
I NEVER engage them. If all the sick or disturbing comments were ignored and the subject changed - the posters would disappear. Or there would be time for Cindy, Al or David to ban them (or whatever it is they do).

I also have one more suggestion - when you have been hurt by these jerks -please seek out the support and counsel of all the incredible people here. Of course I see that being done - but don't engage the bad poster - engage the good ones.

One more time - this is the best place to get info and support I have ever seen.

Thanks a million to everyone!

And thank you. We are doing our best.
AL and the gang.
Hi there:
I have been lurking for a couple of days. I am neither a PALS or a CALS, but had been doing some research on ALS for my work and came across this forum. I am unaware of any of the issues you have been having with posters, but wanted to echo other's sentiments that you all have a wonderful forum here--offering stories of hope and providing support to each other. I have found myself tearing up as I read some of the posts and laughing out loud as well. You truly should be proud of what you have done here.
Thank you. We do have a good bunch of kind and caring members and we try to keep out the riff raff so to speak.
Yes- thank you. We are all volunteers and it is nice to know we are meeting our goals. Cindy
I would definitely say you are exceeding your goals. :) Hope you don't mind me lurking a bit longer. I am learning a lot from your members. Thanks again. And Al, sorry for the repeat post about your slide show--totally didn't mean to do that!
Stick around for as long as you like. The search feature on this site is very helpful, too. Cindy
hello again.............

It has been 2 1/2 yrs since I lost my husband of 33 yrs to ALS. I have thought of this forum often, but could not find it. Today I made the effort and found it.

Two main things stick out in my mind about the old ALS forum.

1) A-L-S stands for "About Loving Someone". I love that one.

2) We all focused on 'living' with ALS, rather than dying with ALS.

That is so true. I am so glad to see some familiar people still on the forum.

God bless all of you, and I wish you all the best over the Christmas season. We have great memories of my husband over Christmas. He was such a kind, thoughtful, generous, and humourous man. We think of him every day, and we miss him more than most can imagine. We keep him very alive with our thoughts and our memories. :)
I remember you from what seems like an eternity ago. I have often wondered how you were. Thanks for letting us know that you are well.
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