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Joseph J. Conte

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Mar 14, 2007
My wife died of ALS in November 2005 and I have formed a corporate Group in her name to provide financial support for ALS patients and caregivers. I attached a concise message that explains it all. We want to help anyone in any city or country but we need contacts. We don't need the name of the person that has ALS since we feel that is a private matter what we need is someone to request assistance and we will pay the bill as shown in the message. Help us to help others.

“Down the Yellow Brick Road”
An ALS victims Quest for Oz. by Joseph
Conte/Constance J. Schneider Conte

Connie and Joe, her husband and aregiver,
through their fifty years of marriage travel
down a road with many twists and turns
that include births, trauma, love and
happiness. The final stretch in the road
ends in tragedy as Connie survives cancer,
and contracts ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.
In an effort to obtain a cure for her ALS,
she and Joe travel “Down the Yellow Brick
Road” to China, to meet this Wizard of Oz.

All book sales/donations are available from
Connie’s ALS Group Fund to pay for non-
professionals to relieve ALS caregivers for 1-2
hours/week, for doctor visits to homebound ALS
patients, and for research into a cure for ALS.

Constance Joan Schneider Conte ALS Group Inc.
44469 Maltese Falcon Square, Ashburn, VA 20147
[email protected]
Phone Number 703-724-1992
What a wonderful thing to do in your wife memory!
Thank you Joseph, this is an incredible and generous act. I also lost my husband in 2005 (in December 15) we were only married for 3 years but we also had a road full of love, difficulties, joy and wonderful memories.
Best wishes to you and your family,
Can you provide more information about what exactly you are looking for? Is there a process for this?
Hi Pearl

Hi Pearl, If you go on the web to Down the yellow Brick Road By Joseph Conte and his wife. They wrote a book and the proceeds from sale of the book is suppose to be used for care etc. of ALS patients. Hope this helps. My Best to you , Beebe
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