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Dec 18, 2003
My boyfriend of 3 years was diagnosed with als in Oct.03 at the age of 35. We notice the slurring, gagging and his hand was getting flat last summer. we thought he had a mild heartattack in his sleep. when he got diagnosed thats when I lost him. within 3 weeks he sent for his wife and kids to move here so he could be close to them. Now I am out of his life. I have researched this disease and I cry alone wondering how he is doing. How he is feeling.
Hi Karen;

I am sorry to hear about your situation, I assume that your boyfriend has been separated from his former wife and children and now may have some regrets around this facing the end of his life as he must do. Sometimes people make choices in life and live with regrets and never have a chance to go back and make amends, if what your friend is feeling facing his journey ahead is to reunite with his children and reach out then perhaps you must respect his choice. He is very young and I guess his children must not be that old either, he may want to have some quality time with them for what he may have left. ALS is a very difficult and involved disease and perhaps he may not want you to be the bearer of what he may consider a burden of care. I am not sure what is going through his mind all I can do is speculate, as to what you are feeling you now face the fact that the person you care about is facing a difficult road and has chosen someone else to walk it with. You must be feeling overwhelmed with the fact that he has excluded you and the fact that this disease has entered your life. All I can offer you is my friendship and to tell you that you do not have to face this alone, my hope for you is to gather your strength and continue to learn more and perhaps in the future if and when he reaches out for you you can be there for him. In the meantime do not stop life to grief rather live and be grateful for each and every person that comes into our path for reasons we know not why. This site can offer you support and advice please continue to reach out. Joy :p
you're a natural Joy. :D where did you get such writing skills? I commend you.

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