Grampal 2/ no 3 coming

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Hi Al

Congratulations Al. Wonderful news!
Hi Al.....Congratulations on the birth of your new Granddaughter. Her and Samantha are sweethearts.
I have 3 grandchildren.....2 girls and a boy. They are the light of my life - they bring joy and hope and laughter.
You must treasure yours!
Congratulations Al, that's really great news! :)
Edna May

Con grats! you are a lucky man. EM
Someone was looking for pictures so we go to the top again.
Grandchild # 3 ic coming Jan13 2009. Grandpa Al has something new to look forward to. Forgot to say it is daughter having baby.
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girls rock!

Congrats Grandpa Al! I have two grandbabies, one boy and one girl. I love my little boy but buying clothes for our baby girl is the best! Raising two sons and not having sisters, I am having a ball! Enjoy her and congrats to all!

Patty and George
Hi Al, What great news! Love my Grandchildren. Bring a lot of joy. Looking foward to updates. Fondly, Beebe
The kids want a surprise so we won't know the sex until birth. We're a bit old fashioned that way I guess. Lee sews and loves making dresses for the 2 granddaughters we have. She doesn't do boy stuff but boys run in Mario's family so maybe she'll have to learn.
Congratulations Al. How do I see your granddaughter's photo? I must be totally computer dumb as everyone else has seen it with no problem.
Doh! We upgraded the software a while back and it removed most stored links. I'll put some pictures in.
Congrats, Al and Lee! You're lightyears ahead of us on the grandchildren. We haven't even gotten our daughters married off yet!
Lee, if it's a boy, you can always make shirts. They're kind of like short dresses...just a thought...:idea: :smile:
You're going to run out of lap space!
Take care,
Grand kids

My favorite pic of Mairin from Canada Day last year and Samantha in June at Subic in the Philippines. Mairin is now 18 months Sam is 3.


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They are adorable Al. The Canada Day outfit on Mairin is a prize winner. Thanks for putting them up.
Thanks. Gramma made that.
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