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Aug 18, 2007
My grandma's speech has been slurred for 1 yr. we have just found out she has als. it is the most devastating news possible.

i have bought here a Grandmother's memory's book to her grandchild, because she is such an inspiration, is it inappropriate for me to give it to her now? i don't want her to be sad, I WANT TO INSPIRE HER, AS SHE HAS DONE ME. Please help. I will include this lettter as mentioned below with the book...please advise.... please


I hope you don't mind that I bought you a couple of books. One will hopefully give you some hope(How I survived ALS) , and the second will hopefully get your mind on other things for a while (A Grandmother's Memories to her Grandchild).
I hope you will complete this memory book for me. I had bought one for chad's (DH) mom a few years ago and always wanted to get one for you, but couldn't find them again.
I think that you are such a wonderful person - woman. You are so strong and have had so many struggles in your life, but you have always been so positive and loving. Perhaps, with the words you write in this book I can learn from you, and my children can learn from you.
I am hoping that this book will help you celebrate your life, and in turn give you the strength to fight. I don't want you to focus on this devastating time as it is just a moment in your legacy.
Hi Karry:
That is such a beautiful letter and a lovely idea. What a treasure you will have, if Grandma is able to write her memoirs for you. But what a gift to her to know how much she means to you for sure.

I know when I was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia two years ago, I wrote my memoirs for our five sons and gave it to them at Christmas. They loved it, and will treasure them. I am still going through the testing, etc. to determine if I also have ALS.....but it's just another journey in my life....and I've had such a wonderful life.

My hugs and prayers for you and your Grandma Karry.
What a wonderful idea! I'm sure there will be tears but they will be good tears. The sadness will be a loving sadness. I hope you do it as soon as possible. It is an inspiring and supportive letter that your grandmother will be so proud to receive.
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