Got my EMG results today but, don't know what they mean!

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Jan 11, 2008
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Maybe someone on this forum can help me decipher my EMG...i was supposed to have it read by my Neuro today, but the clinic failed to forward a copy to i went and got it myself...

it seems i have three muscles-two in the left foot and one on the right foot with 'abnormalities'...i have 'fib' of 2+ and PSW 2+ and then on the amplitude it says Large in the two muscles in the left foot and 1+ fib and 2+PSW on the right foot.
The right and left sural and superficial peroneal sensory responses are normal.
The peroneal cmap amplitudes are reduced on the left. The needle electrode exam showed abnormal spontaneous activity in distal foot muscles...(i am quoting what was written here).
The motor ncs shows a few numbers in bold under and Amp mv... none of this makes sense to me... except i know fibrillations are supposed to be bad news, am i right?
there are F waves listed at 54 and 58 and 54...

None of this makes sense to me and i don't know what to make of it and won't see the neuro for another month.

thank you
All Greek to me
Dont try to make sense of it yourself. Wait for the neuro. One thing I can tell you from all the reading I have done is that denervation in the foot muscles is very common and not necessarily indicative of anything. So personally the fibs and shp waves in your feet would not worry me too much. Best of luck.
thank you mama and i am going to check out the website...
Thanks ZenArcher for posting the website address for interpretation of EMG studies. My husband's EMG and NCV report came in the mail yesterday. The neuro's conclusion says "All findings are consistent with electrophysiologic criteria for the diagnosis of ALS." I purchased the EMG Manual PDF to help me understand the tests and results. Now we are awaiting acceptance at the Charlottesville Virginia ALS center for our second opinion. Our neuro insists that anyone whose findings are consistent with the diagnosis of ALS receive a second opinion from a certified ALS center.
Thanks to everyone for their openness in sharing symptoms, results, experiences, etc. We're all on this sinking ship together, but can help each other stay afloat through sharing the journey.
All the best,

I think it is very important to get a copy of your tests and learn what they mean. Now some people would disagree. I say this because the very first neurologist i saw belittled my referring doctor and his notes of my muscle wasting because it was not something easily seen. He said, i know you have carpal tunnel because i had wrist drop and hand atrophy. The next time i saw him he said your NCV was fine and i am going to give you Ativan for the shaking. Then that was it. As my body got worse my GP referred me to Duke, they could not see me for a long time so i went to UNC first. I got my records and low and behold EVERYWHERE i had muscle wasting or weakness was on that EMG report. Fibs, PSW, and Facics....... I was at the end of my rope and needed help before i lost my job, instead i went back yet again unable to explain my fatigue and weakness. When people watch your whole self change they ask questions and when docs dont take the time to help find the answer it gets aggravating to say I dont know all the time, well i will know now and i will educate myself.
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