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Feb 12, 2008
thousand oaks
Hi, this is my second post, initially I had posted my husbands symptoms regarding a bulbar onset? We have an appointment this Wednesday at the neuro clinic at Cedars hospital in Los Angeles, the doctor we are seeing is listed as a recommended doctor on the ALS.ORG web site... so, just a brief note, my husband is 51 years old, he started a few months back with a slight slurring to his words, which has progressed to the point where he sounds like he is drunk with a cold, at times, esp if he is tired, many don't understand him. His left arm is beginning to twitch, that has been maybe a month, and now the twitching is visible, and nearly all the time. His left foot starting having cramps a few days ago. He has difficulty swallowing, and just last night threw up from coughing while trying to drink water. All of his testing to date has been normal, with the exception of a slight eleavtion in his CSF protein. The doctor on Wednesday will do an emg, we are also to see a nutritionist, and a MSW. So, is there anything else that we should do/ask for? I really don't want this to be ALS, duh, like who does? Is there anything else it can be? Has anyone had any luck with any therapy? Has anyone found releif with anything? Whatever is raging through my husbands body is doing it fast... how do we cope with all of this? Where did you guys turn? Any advice anyone has would be so very appreciated right now..we both feel like we are entering a very dark and scary place alone... I mean, with each other, but alone other than that...
Hi Andy. I hate to hear the fear in your post, but I suppose it is normal considering all you two are going through. Every visit is scary, I think, until you know for sure, and then there is numbing shock, from what I've been told. but we will be here for you both at every step of the way. Good luck tomorrow and i hope you get great news. Cordially, Cindy
Thank you Cindy.. visit is Wednesday... very very scared.
I'm having an EMG tomorrow as well. So you two should not be alone in your worry!
I will pray for you.. I hope you are not going thru it alone?
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