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Aug 11, 2007
Hello everyone, i wanted to let you know about my latest update...... The last EMG i had done, the one that take three hours to perform......... Came back as normal, only showing facics........ So, GREAT news, NOT ALS.... Neuro says, that even though two muscles were only tested this time, if it were ALS it would show no matter what! I am very greatful for this....... I left confused as ever though, when i first saw him i had normal reflexes and an abnormal EMG, months and months and three visits later i had brisk reflexes throughout and a near normal EMG........ They are testing for Myasthenia Gravis now, but i do not have droopy eyelids or double vision, so i doubt i have that.... Well i hope everyone is doing well, and had a great holiday weekend....... I will check in every now and then to see how everyone is doing...... I am still baffled at the difference in my EMG's? Sammantha

Hope this is good news and that you are able to find out what is wrong!
Sammantha - I am so happy for you. But I guess I too dont understand. Didnt you say your last EMG showed +ve sharp waves, fibs and fascis - and NOW they are saying the EMG is normal and you do not have ALS after all.
Of course that is awesome news but at the same time, i d be furious at the guy who first told you that you had ALS. How can he have done that to you?
I am hoping for all of us with oddities or "dirty" EMG's that this is +ve news. Proof that even when they say for sure that is what it is, there is room for misdiagnosis.
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