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Dec 12, 2006
One of the primary issues that touch my heart on this forum is the mental anguish suffered by so many PALS and CALS. This is the one ALS symptom that can be reversed. I decided to share a small part of my spirituality in the hopes that maybe it will help brighten the path for someone.

In my experience, to attain optimum happiness, you must go with the flow. Events unfolding in our Universe have a certain flow, or direction. If you try to paddle against the current you may suffer fatigue to the point of exhaustion. I don't mean you have to accept everything that is happening to you. The Universe (God) provides the human mind with a method of bringing things it desires into its reality. I am not referring only to material objects, but also to fulfillment, compassion, and joy. This is not accomplished by dwelling on the things we don't want such as the symptoms of a disease. You must find a quiet, comfortable space, calm your mind, and visualize how you want your circumstances to manifest. Really get into it. Feel the emotions associated with your visualization. If you are doing it right, this should feel good, and you will want to repeat this experience frequently. Don't worry about the details of how your requests will come to be. That will be handled by the Universe (God). You will receive what you focus on. I believe this is how prayer works. I also believe this is why anti-war movements don't work, but peace movements do. Look to King, Gandhi, Jesus, or Buddha for examples. I know many won't agree. They believe you must "fight" to be triumphant. This has not been my experience.

Good Mike,........and a little bit of anti-depressants help

well said, i believe in the same things.. It is hard to sometimes find the good in the situation, but it's there. The good must come to block out the bad.

take care..


Mike- I just came in from my yard, a little oasis in the middle of an urban area. I sat listening to the birds and watching my neighbor's cats play when a huge Great Blue Heron flew overhead. I see him a couple of times a week, and I bet I'm the only one to recieve this gift. Everybody else is rushing to work, watching TV, listening to their radios, attending their chores.

One must open one's eyes to the possibilities, don't you think? Cindy

I go a bit further than that. As Cindy suggests, I think all that happens to us happens by Divine Grace. The 4th century Christian, Origen, said he regards all that happens to him, "good" or "bad," as though it were something he had prayed for. That's sometimes a challenge, but it goes beyond "acceptance," to a better state.

I must say that you guys are a true inspiration, even if I am not sick, reading how you handle your illness and take in every moment is truly amazing. Like I said although I may not be sick, thank you for sharing those little moments that most of us just let pass by without a second thought.
Mike - I just want to tell you that you are the one that took me from "panicked going to die any day" to looking for answers, but living again. When I first came to this forum I wasn't able to live. I was just existing while waiting for the next devastating thing to happen to my body. Though I am still having difficulties, I am much better than I was because of the mental change. I believe what you are saying, but think some people are better at it. Maybe being consistent is a key. I sometimes wonder if people have an "aura" or something around them. Anyway, thanks for expressing your beliefs because they remind me to focus on the good. Leslie

I don't knowi ff This is the place to enter this?
very interestng site. Bob's Blog
Bob Lee, a 65-year-old colon cancer survivor from Barrington, Illinois is riding his bicycle 6,500 miles across America in order to help find cures for cance and ALS, and to help promote awareness for hospice care. if this is the place to enter this, but I think many people will enjoy this.
Hi Cindy,

I have similar relationships with the animals in my backyard. There is a scrubjay that perches about three feet from my head and just stares at me. I expect when she finally convinces herself I can't move, she may land right on me. :-D


I am glad I have made a difference in your life. Thanks for sharing that.

My own journey...Mike, you inspired me....Frizzel

I believe in the reality for myself that there is a Creator~Designer if you will and with that...those creations... from the atoms, animals, birds, insects, flowers, dirt, water, air, the sun, etc... anything that produces life, flows with the freedom and the design that we are all integrated to be a part of the big picture, the giving and receiving energy from the Creators life's force. The Creator has designed me with the ability to separate my physical pain from my mind and spirit. The three are separate and yet they... with my acceptance and vision... work as one. Within the realm of spirituality, I call myself a Christian and I call myself a human being who has been ordained at this time to be a wise steward of the reality within my world. That shared, I accept and flow with both bringing into myself and pouring out of myself life's breath designed by my Creator to live. I rarely struggle inside my mind and spirit because it interrupts the flow, the wave ...that carries me on my journey which at times is arduous to say the least. To each of us, may we move, sing, dance, be creative, speak hope and share joy, even if it's only within our minds and spirits. Our energy is designed to be sensed, not just seen by others. Thank you Mike for sharing your own journey. It is deeply personal and you are deeply appreciated.

I call myself a human being who has been ordained at this time to be a wise steward of the reality within my world.

I love it! Cindy
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